NEWS: Chris Brown-Frank Ocean Brawl, “Drag Race” In the Workplace & “SNL’s” Gay Problem


– Rupaul‘s Drag Race season 5 contestants Alaska, Detox and Ivy invaded an office where they took three dudes and turned them into werqing gurls.

– It was only a matter of time before Vine, Twitter’s new micro-video app, got flooded with micro-porn. And that time was 8 seconds.

ashton-jobs– For once in his acting life Ashton Kutcher took a role seriously and it landed him in the hospital. Never again.

A fight broke out between R&B wunderkinds Chris Brown and Frank Ocean in L.A. Saturday night…over a parking space. Sources differ over who started the fight, but the smart money is on the guy with a history of repeatedly fucking up.

– According to JJ Abrams, he’s in talks with Bradley Cooper for the Oscar nominee to play Lance Armstrong in a biopic. Which is news to Bradley Cooper.

Prince threw a little Purple Shade at Madonna for hogging all the glory at their record label in the 80s (in other words, for basically being Madonna) and for Maroon 5 for stealing “When Doves Cry” without paying him any royalties.

– “What’s gov got to do with it?” Not a damn thing for Tina Turner, who’s giving up her US passport to become a citizen of Switzerland.

– According to Michelle Williams, the non-Oscar-nominated one, the Destiny’s Child Super Bowl reunion is not happening. Because after all that “Star-Spangled” banter, Beyoncé‘s got something to prove and it’s not that people still care about her girl group past.

– Sigh. First Don’t Trust the B, now Ben & Kate has bitten the dust. Damn you, fall 2012 television season.

Saturday Night Live ruffled a few rainbow feathers over the weekend with a couple of sketches that bordered on the offensive…then fully stepped over that border…and started voguing:

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  • 2eo

    Ooooo Oooo…

    Can we get someone who isn’t American to direct the Armstrong biopic as the rest of the world doesn’t buy the cancer charity money clears him completely?.

    It doesn’t change the fact he lied and fraudulently won his money by being a cheat and a vicious litigating bastard. After all.

  • balehead

    SNL is full of closet cases…no surprise here..

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