NEWS: Chris Brown-Frank Ocean Brawl, “Drag Race” In the Workplace & “SNL’s” Gay Problem


– Rupaul’s Drag Race season 5 contestants Alaska, Detox and Ivy invaded an office where they took three dudes and turned them into werqing gurls.

– It was only a matter of time before Vine, Twitter’s new micro-video app, got flooded with micro-porn. And that time was 8 seconds.

ashton-jobs– For once in his acting life Ashton Kutcher took a role seriously and it landed him in the hospital. Never again.

A fight broke out between R&B wunderkinds Chris Brown and Frank Ocean in L.A. Saturday night…over a parking space. Sources differ over who started the fight, but the smart money is on the guy with a history of repeatedly fucking up.

– According to JJ Abrams, he’s in talks with Bradley Cooper for the Oscar nominee to play Lance Armstrong in a biopic. Which is news to Bradley Cooper.

Prince threw a little Purple Shade at Madonna for hogging all the glory at their record label in the 80s (in other words, for basically being Madonna) and for Maroon 5 for stealing “When Doves Cry” without paying him any royalties.

– “What’s gov got to do with it?” Not a damn thing for Tina Turner, who’s giving up her US passport to become a citizen of Switzerland.

– According to Michelle Williams, the non-Oscar-nominated one, the Destiny’s Child Super Bowl reunion is not happening. Because after all that “Star-Spangled” banter, Beyoncé‘s got something to prove and it’s not that people still care about her girl group past.

– Sigh. First Don’t Trust the B, now Ben & Kate has bitten the dust. Damn you, fall 2012 television season.

Saturday Night Live ruffled a few rainbow feathers over the weekend with a couple of sketches that bordered on the offensive…then fully stepped over that border…and started voguing:

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