Henry Cavill’s Shirtless “Man Of Steel” Workout, Chris Brown – Your New Gay Ally & More!


– The trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street looks like a cocaine dream, which, as anyone who’s ever been nose-down on a public restroom toilet seat knows, quickly turns into a cocaine nightmare. But there’s also Leonardo DiCaprio both poppin’ and lockin’ and Ab Fab‘s Joanna Lumley so…yeah?

Chris Brown is a changed man.  A changed man that loves him some gays. Just make sure to duck when he’s expressing that love. The artist formerly known as relevant has a new pro-equality campaign and song featuring the late Aaliyah, who’s rolling over and two-stepping in her grave.

Emma Watson‘s valley girl accent was not lost in translation to audiences over the weekend. Though it only premiered in five theaters, The Bling Ring posted the biggest per-theater average ever for a Sofia Coppola film in limited release, even besting Lost in Translation. That film earned Coppola an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and went on to become her highest grossing film…for now, since The Bling Ring goes into wide release next weekend.

– In other box office news, Henry Cavill’s cast-iron pecs propelled Man of Steel to the biggest June opening in history, soaring past 2010’s Toy Story 3 with $113.1 million over the weekend.

– And here’s Henry Cavill building those cast-iron pecs. Also in gif form:

RuPaul now pronounces you…sickening. Getting married soon? Ditch the collar and have Mother Ru officiate.

– Kaycee is ten and she is a PROFESSIONAL. This came out months ago but we’ve been screaming at this video on loop for the past four hours. How some black drag queen gave birth to this little white girl we’ll never know, but miracles do happen:

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  • Terrance

    Ms. Kaycee is giving life! Werk, lil mama!

  • Jackhoffsky

    I had absolutely NO intention of watching the Kaycee video all the way through…

    What can I say… it was captivatingly entertaining. And the walk off at the end made it all worth it.

  • Katbox

    Is she really wearing that at that age? ………

  • balehead

    That gurl is killing it!!!

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