NEWS: Ke$ha’s Bi, Bieber’s Killer Ride & Anderson Cooper’s Sh*tty Beauty Routine

Anderson Cooper smeared some bird poop on his face. Typical weekday.

– Here’s 52-year-old Sean Penn on steroids the beach.

jeremy-jackson– And here’s 32-year-old former Baywatch kid Jeremy Jackson all growed up on the beach..and probably steroids. Still, not complaining.

– Openly gay figure skater Johnny Weir will appear on the Food Network’s Rachel [Ray] vs. Guy [Fieri] Celebrity Cook-Off, which — by the title alone — will basically be a lot of microwaving and can-opening, so bring those skates, Weir.

Madonna‘s good at a lot of things. Skiing? Apparently not one of them.

– Noted pop tart Ke$ha joined the chorus of ladies singing the bisexual blues when she told Seventeen magazine, “I don’t love just men. I love people. It’s not about a gender.”

Roseanne‘s derailed campaign trail led her to Portlandia where she will guest star as the mayor.

Bieber Fever has claimed yet another victim, this time the life of a paparazzo who was chasing the baby-faced singer’s Ferarri. Meanwhile, this is really getting out of hand. First a murder-castration plot, now this? Bieber Fever is quickly becoming a pandemic. Alert the WHO.

Real Housewife of Atlanta/ The New Normal star/HBIC Nene Leakes may be engaged to her ex-husband.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler continue to shtick it up for the Golden Globes:

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  • 2eo

    Don’t worry too much, it was only a paparazzo, it isn’t like a human was hurt. This doesn’t count as news.

  • Brian

    Ke$ha’s singing appears fake so why should we believe what she says about anything else? If she’s bisexual – which she hasn’t actually said – why is it that only successful female singers are allowed to say it but not successful male singers? Shouldn’t it be concerning that there’s a homophobic double standard in the music industry?

    More importantly, why haven’t gay sites discussed this double standard to any great extent? Is it because we don’t want to offend the female singers and their bisexual marketing strategies?

  • boring

    A female pop star is claiming bisexuality again? Wow, what a fucking surprise and is not at all a desperate plea for the Gay Dollar.

  • Brian


    So true. These females are quite shameless in their marketing strategies. I also think that, in their fake bisexuality, they are doing more harm than good to the GLBT community. I don’t know why the gay media looks up to these women when they are just so fake and exploitative of our community.

  • Brian

    Here is a case of a male singer who appears to have exploited the GLBT community for commercial reasons but then turned his back on us by collaborating with a homophobe. Again, not one word of criticism from the gay media regarding the fact that Adam “I’m Not Gay But I Have Gay Friends” Levine collaborated with homophobe 50 Cent just recently:


  • boring

    But to be fair, I would totally, unquestionably sell out.

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