Michelle Obama Crowned Queen Of England, Ryan Gosling Taking Break From Acting & More!


– Despite what Vivienne Westwood might say, Michelle Obama is the best dressed woman in the world according to The Sunday Times Style magazine. The FLOTUS even received a faux commemorative stamp to mark the occasion. Bow down, Viv.

– Here are those shirtless Perez Hilton photos with his son, the anti-Christ Perez Jr., that no one asked for.

miley-twerk– Here are the GIFs of Miley Cyrus going to twerk and doing the wop in a onesie that you didn’t know you asked for, but will appreciate anyway.

Christina Aguilera debuted a “major weight loss” last night — most of which was in make-up and hair extensions.

The New Normal hit an all-time ratings low with a 22% drop from earlier this month. But the celebrity diving show Splash is doing fine in case you were wondering — which you shouldn’t be.

– In a story that’s oddly familiar, Jimmy Fallon will inherit The Tonight Show from Jay Leno‘s cold, dead chin.

Rush Limbaugh really misses Destiny’s Child-era BeyoncĂ©.

– In what should not come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever smelled Axe Body Spray, it’s kind of poisonous.

Ryan Gosling has decided to punish the world for its sins by taking a break from acting to focus more of his time on being a better Ryan Gosling. So: double-edged sword.

James Franco really doesn’t like it when you ruin it with a bunch of talking:

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  • NormdePlume

    I had to chuckle when I read Westwood’s comments about the First Lady’s attire. I mean, really. Have you seen that woman’s “creations”? One of her best customers is Helena B Carter. That tells you all you need to know.

  • p-candotorg

    That is not way for a “NomdePlume” “Nond’unchie” to criticise Ms Strawhair Westwood. We got to leave it to her she is a TOP CUTTER and PATTERN maker and volume creator and produced and still does create some of the most amazing suits etc. Just so off looking that not many wanted to court her salons when she was a tad younger. She is 45 now correct?;-) Yea say it I am a Beach. But she has just the best Couture Humor and every year as a good go of humor against all the upper stiff lipped Brits. Take it from someone in the trade Dhalink.

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