Ryan Lochte’s Scene-Stealing Erection, Beyoncé and J.Lo Face Off & More!


– So this explains why such little blood gets pumped to his brain. It’s all in Ryan Lochte‘s other head.

Ray Harryhausen, the man who threatened to upstage a young Harry Hamlin in a loin cloth, has died at 92.

–  Patrick Schwarzenegger had a total BF (bitchfit) after he got kicked out of a Hollywood club that he was too young to get into to begin with. He’s living and learning about it, though.


DIVA KOMBAT! One diva enters, one weave leaves.

– This is Nicole Richie picking out flowers for a lesbian wedding. Black roses are the go-to, who knew? (Everyone)

– And this is Björk hailing a cab.

Michael Jackson’s face was a work of tattooed, vitiligo’d, surgically constructed art.

– In case you missed it, Lauryn Hill released a new single yesterday right before she was sentenced to 3 months in prison. A parting gift, if you will.

Tiger Woods got drunk and “embarrassed” girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the Met Gala last night. If she thinks that’s embarrassing, wait till he publicly cheats on her with 500 hookers. Aaaaawkwaaaaard.

– It must be comforting for Jason Collins to know that world’s smallest rapper Lil Wayne has his back.

– But he best remember those who came before him, namely Randy Rainbow:

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  • viveutvivas

    Size looks respectable.

  • balehead

    Joson Collins is now shopping for a book deal….gay for pay??

  • hotshot70

    the lochte “erection” is fake. He propped something under the sheet. If he really wants to impress, remove the speedo next photo. Besides, I saw how small those speedos are. NO WAY he could hide something huge under those!

  • CaptainFabulous

    @hotshot70: Probably. But he could also be a grower, not a show-er.

  • goughow

    It’s his knee.

  • Niall

    Nah I refuse to believe that’s really Lochte’s erection. Nature mostly always makes up for dumbass douchebags by rewarding them with a small to average penis.

  • norodeocowboy

    @Niall: Explain Milton Berle, then.

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