Pope Francis Condemns Same-Sex Couples As Not Part Of God’s Plan


Just in case you were wondering, yes, the “cool” pope is still really grossed out by queers. 

“As for proposals to place unions between homosexual persons on the same level as marriage, there are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God’s plan for marriage and family,” wrote the pope this week in a statement (that was probably really written by underlings and then signed by him).

“No union that is temporary or closed to the transmission of life can ensure the future of society,” the pope (or whoever) went on.

Also, abortions are still bad, ladies. “So inalienable the right to life of an innocent child growing in the mother’s womb, that no alleged right to one’s own body can justify a decision to terminate that life,” he said. Sorry, that jiggling cluster of cells in you is an “innocent child.”

The church’s ban on contraception remains in place, because of course it does.

But there’s also good news for straight people — divorce is bad, but we shouldn’t treat divorced people badly, he wrote. Well, isn’t that kind.

It’s a disappointing but not surprising stand for the pope to take, as the pope has repeatedly stood in opposition to LGBT equality in the past.

But he still has at least one friend eager to stand by him: Bernie Sanders, who will travel to the Vatican next week to delivery a speech on social justice. Hey, Bernie, maybe throw in a few words about equality?

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  • Scott Mitchell

    Actually, everybody is part of God’s plan. It’s just sad that the Pope is unable to recognize that simple fact. God does not judge. Man judges. Or, in this case, the Pope ignores the part of the Bible that says “thou shall not judge”! Shame on the Pope!!

    • Irish Ryan

      The Church interprets the words of Christ Not individuals.That would be Protestantism.

    • Scott Mitchell

      True, but . . . the church members are human and therefore fallible! :)

    • Daniel Salmeron

      To me the popes interpretation applies to him and his followers only. Makes no bearing on me

  • Ricky Joe Montoya

    But sex with little boys is still ok for priests right…?

    • Greg Diercks

      Actually, considering the power he has, it’s not a joke! It’s frightening!!

  • Jake Richardson

    He does a Lot of great work in the world, but the fact of the matter is, he is NOT our friend.

    • Russell David

      Exactly like Hillary Clinton.

    • Jake Richardson

      I think this pope is probably better than her. Shes a liar and thief who only cares about the corporations who fund her

  • Daniel Salmeron

    I don’t see what the issue is. Why do you need pope Francis’s approval for your marriage

  • Irish Ryan

    People who thought Pope Francis would change Church teaching do not understand the Catholic Faith.The Church’s Dogma was solemnly defined by Church councils.These teachings are based on Sacred Scripture that is interpreted by the Holy See.The Pope cannot change teaching on abortion,contraception,homosexual acts or Divorce and remarriage.If he were to try to he would cease to be Pope.Things like priest

  • Irish Ryan

    People who thought Pope Francis would change Church teaching do not understand the Catholic Faith.The Church’s Dogma was solemnly defined by Church councils.These teachings are based on Sacred Scripture that is interpreted by the Holy See.The Pope cannot change teaching on abortion,contraception,homosexual acts or Divorce and remarriage.If he were to try to he would cease to be Pope.Things like Priestly celibacy,liturgy,etc are tradition which can be altered to a degree.

  • Russell David

    Make up your mind POPE.

  • Ben Stimpson

    This is where our own ignorance comes into play. He’s the Pope, he’s the leader of the Catholic Church… and in Church teachings is a ban on same-sex marriage… he hasn;t said gays are to be condemned, he’s been saying quite the opposite. It might not be like what we like but really, what right do we have to demand an institution such as the Church to bend to our will. We can get married in countries which have a secular marriage signing, but I think it’s the wrong direction for the community to demand and want to be married in a religious institution if that religious institution is either not ready or not willing due to doctrinal considerations to accept. Just because he isn’t progressive in this sense, doesn’t negate all the other areas where he is progressive.

  • Albert Du Mousset

    Who gives a fock what he thinks? I am Christian and he can still kiss my ass, nothing more. I will do with my life as I see fit. Hello everyone, have a good rest of the day :)

    • Freddie Gary

      Thank u also have nice day

  • Andy Roach

    Boo…bad pope! ???

  • Clint Efird

    At the end of the day, it only matters what God thinks, period. Cool pope my ass.

  • Freddie Gary

    He’s only a man and his word are words are nothing more than that,these idiots that think he can save them are bless them are as stupid as the day is long .so screw the pope and all of his idiot followers.God is on my side

  • Dean Austin

    And the honeymoon is over.

  • Gregg Bergh

    Let me check my fucking care meter.

  • Benzai Bear

    He’s confusing human bigotry with God.

  • Steve Russell

    Was it God’s plan for pedophile priests to molest and rape children?

  • Jim Thronberry

    But no mention of how his religous orgs , Pedophile priest play into Gods plan

  • Cameron Rankine

    That’s it pope, do the job of a man and convict “sin” in their faces. Oh wait! Your book says for you to love everyone and to shine as a beacon of grace and hope, not to cut people down with your views on how things should be. If your Christian endeavor is to be like God and God does not presume to judge people until the end of their days, why should you do any differently?

  • Luis H. Lopez

    Child molesters are not either ! Homophobic I am not surprised !

  • Viet Do

    And yet he still condones and protect pedophiles. That’s why I’m an atheist. The bible is manmade and he’s just a bigot like any other man.

  • Randall Pip Pippin

    What’s missing from this article is (from the same document): ??We would like before all else to reaffirm that every person, regardless of sexual orientation, ought to be respected in his or her dignity and treated with consideration, while ??every sign of unjust discrimination?? is to be carefully avoided, particularly any form of aggression and violence” Maybe I don’t understand how this is considered “grossed out by queers.” While we are complaining about his disapproval of same-sex marriages, he is tackling the countries that criminalize LGBT..and also the recent “religious freedom” bills.

  • Michael Golojuch Jr

    He is homophobic end of story. Where is his actions to turn over every pedophile priest to the authorities for trial? Any advice is he gives is tainted by his inactions on this epidemic in the church.

  • Wayne Sargent Smith

    When is something God’s plan, only when it goes well?

  • Georgie Land

    Well, I, for one, was never fooled! As$hats!

  • J Allen Hale

    Old virgin in mixed fabric dress says what???Giggle Men remaining virgins is not part of gods plan either.

  • Steven Burr

    Jesus also condemned (Sermon on the Mount) fancy religions with big trappings and expensive clothing.

  • Jay Abbit

    How s this “news”? It’s not new. He’s always condemned homosexuality, and he always will. That has not changed nor will it ever.

  • Tyler Alan

    And everyone was trying to say he was going to be different from other recent fear mongering popes.
    I say we scrap the whole process and go back to the banquet of the chestnut days.

  • Duncan Noel Campbell

    He couldn’t hide that Catholic douchebaggery any longer I guess. #notsurprised

  • Lule Ramirez

    I condemn his ass for being a hypocritical asshole. F you Francis. ????

  • Mack

    Who cares? He doesn’t have a direct line to God no more than Ted Cruz’s father. He’s just another con man that Catholics listen to that convinces them that they’ll go to a place called Hell if they don’t follow a book written by man 100’s of years ago.

  • Octavio Roca

    That’s one fucked-up god.

  • Jonathon Popphan

    He’s still a lot more progressive than any previous pope. Maybe time will change his view.

  • Xzamilio

    Oh, no… the unproven god still doesn’t accept homosexuality, so sayeth the direct line to the unproven god. Who the hell cares? LGBT Catholics are the biggest spiritual masochists on the planet. Keep holding out for sky daddy to validate you.

    Hey, Masc Pride… I’m adding a link to my blog even though you can click on my icon and go there. You mad?


  • Glücklich


    I still like this Pope for effecting changes in other attitudes of the church. Doesn’t mean I support Catholic doctrine, which, after two millennia, is unlikely to change – ever – but, not being Catholic, I can accept that.

    Faith, though, doesn’t give followers license to mistreat anyone.

  • Alan Zimmerman

    Rot in hell you fucking freak

  • Duane Meyers

    I can give 2 shits what he thinks… All the Catholics want is money .. Shame on him !!!

  • Jeremy Hodder

    Lmfao, only the fools of masses listen to and believe anything that comes from any church,or leader of religion. A lot of sheepish brainless fools around.

  • Chris Trahan

    The pope can kiss my ass

  • Eddie Nickell

    Religion is horrible. All of it and If you need a man from a palace in Italy who wears a white dress to tell you how to live. You need to click reality

  • Christopher Kromm

    Like i care what the pope thinks…Shmm #LoveIsLove

  • Marty Courtney

    His Holiness, The Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Roman Church of the Child Diddlers has spoken! Show some respect! It ain’t easy to wear white when you have a heart of stone, ya know!

  • Bruce Maynard-Holly

    God does not care if u r gay or straight God still loves u. Everyone sins, so what if being gay is a sin. Being fat is a sin it’s called glutton. Being rich is a sin it’s called greed. Being lazy is a sin like the Pope that’s never had a job his hole life.

  • Tom Williamson

    Or the ‘Dark’ forces in the Vatican are demanding the Church make the statement..

  • joeyty

    Matt Baume also wrote that Northern Ireland was Catholic, so I wonder if this report is true or not.

  • Mike Cooke

    well if hes grosse3d out by queers and we’re not part of gods plan he needs to rifle through his priests..oh no he cant can he because their all to busy abusing young boys..ah the catholic church the worlds biggest peaodaphile ring untouchable by the authorities.i suppose its different when its happening in your own backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Niko Williams

    I remember the lies about him being progressive. He says one thing to one crowd then another to a diff crowd

  • Jeff Franklin

    Take away the pomp and ceremony and the robes and the Popemobile……don’t forget…..he is just a man…….not ” God “.

  • Damon Robbins

    Are you surprised, what else would you expect him to say?

  • Arthur Saavedra

    This coming from a man wearing a dress?

  • Dana M Smith

    Because he knows God so well…eyeroll.

  • Stephan Hoffeld

    In my opinion he is a dirty old man without any moral values, without any philanthropy and knowledge … It is only a show to rescue his club …

  • Joe Bump

    Shut up old man!!!!

  • GG

    Dear Mr Pope,

    I live in the United States of America where each citizen has certain unalienable rights. Rights which cannot be disabled due to favoritism, consensus or fiat. Rights which ensure citizens equal treatment. If that concept does not align with your beliefs, feel free to deny our shores the pleasure of your presence.

  • Sand Nierenberg

    Please he’s an old fucking man who really cares what he thinks he’s probably having sex with a priest at the Vatican please hypocrite

  • joeyty

    @GG: In fairness, I don’t think he’d disagree with you.

  • Scott Deane

    Says the old celibate white guy in a dress

  • Byron Cardinal

    He isn’t my spiritual leader…

  • Justin Weeks

    He’s not part of my plan I don’t follow made up story’s

  • joeyty

    This is no surprise. I doubt the Catholic Church will ever consider homosexual unions equal to heterosexual marriages. And I don’t care. But what I DO hate is when the Pope espouses that every country should allow as many Muslim refugees as possible to enter. Undocumented immigrants too. I know he’s supposed to go by (impractical) religious rules, but…some of us care about our own safety and don’t care to become martyrs.

  • joeyty

    @Scott Deane: “Says the old celibate white guy in a dress” If he was another race, in a dress……it would be okay ?

  • tomkindc

    People (including the author, clearly) are missing some very important points about Catholicism. The Pope’s comments are not based on bigotry or hatred as his detractors here believe. Catholic doctrine is very clear that sexual relations among ANYBODY, the purpose of which is not to produce children, is sinful (aka, fornication). This is also the basis for it’s opposition to contraception. Marriage, as a sacrament, is for life, and can only be broken through annulment for which the requirements are rather stringent. Annulment is not a divorce; it is a determination that the marriage was invalid for a narrow list of possible reasons.

    These have been the doctrines since the church’s inception and simply cannot ever be changed.

    To the author: please choose your words more carefully if your “condemnation” headline was in error. If intended, which I think it was, then at least have the courage to state your anti-catholic bias (aka bigotry) or don’t call yourself a journalist.

  • Victor DVita

    one more reason Catholicism sucks…when will people realuze he is just a man…you wants answers go straight to God.

  • joeyty

    @tomkindc: Like I said, Matt Baume also wrote that homophobia in Northern Ireland was due to the CATHOLIC Church, so……journalists here they are not. (They also think hating on Catholics gives them WASPy class…that whole thing..)

  • Dawson

    So where does he stand on adultery or sex with minors? Isn’t in the 10 commandments something about coveting thy neighbors? I know that they want to make the 11 commandment gay marriage but the good book never got around to it. Again and again, like the Republicans it is never about the good of people.

  • joeyty

    @Dawson: What ulterior motive do you think he has in calling for us to let refugees in, then ?

  • Sand Nierenberg

    I’m catholic I don’t believe in the bible whatsoever when I die we will see then not a fake book someone wrote I have my own beliefs God loves everyone ever hear the expression there’s a lid for every pot God loves everyone he’s just a bitter old man who I’m sure has sex with other priests and alter boys please begone you old hypocrite

  • joeyty

    @Dawson: He’s totally condemned sex with minors, btw. More than any past Pope ever touched on the issue.

  • tomkindc

    The headline reads: “Pope to church: Be more accepting of divorced Catholics, gays and lesbians”

  • Errol Semple

    Everything is part of God’s plan. Hello.

  • Lorenzo Martinez

    Who cares what the POOP thinks. He is just another homophobic man.

  • Tobi

    It’s the 21st century, and what are we talking about? A sky pixie. :(

  • Bud Clark

    I MIGHT start paying attention to the Roman Church when the Pope publishes the name of every pope, cardinal, archbishop, bishop abbot, abbess, monk, nun, priest, deacon, and lay-person who molested ANYBODY. And that includes the priest who raped me when I was 19 in Cleveland, OH. Until then … forget about it! It’s only been going on for TWO THOUSAND YEARS!

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    neither is the hate they are accepting!

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    I find the idea or belief in a “divine plan” to be fascinating; personally speaking it seems to me its predominantly a Christian belief, a belief that I never understood.

    Why would human beings need a divine plan to begin with, and if there was one, why would the creator share it with us? Even if He/She did, would we comprehend it?

    I think Christians of all denominations should ask their spiritual leaders and scholars these above questions; it would illuminate the discussion further regarding sexual orientation and why it exists as a variant of human sexaulity.

  • Justin Taylor

    And now I don’t like the guy!

  • ??????? ?????? ??????

    God created all of us, so I guess you’re wrong! Go check if your priests are behaving or raping kids. Bye now.

  • Stephen J. Sundberg

    I believe that the Pope was not part of God’s plan. Why does this homophobic institution still exist?

  • Chris Fuentes

    He was COVER for the International Pedophile Priest Scandal, the Roman Catholic Church has run an Underground Railroad for PEDOPHILE PRIESTS for DECADES if not Centuries, Just when his predecessor, the FIRST POPE EVER TO RESIGN stepped down, the RCC was on its knees EMBROILED in the scandal worldwide like a wild fire – Enter the ‘Kinder Gentler’ Pope and a road trip that knocked the THOUSANDS of molested children OFF the front page – as Anderson Cooper 360 and all the mainstream media GUSHED and FAWNED over this “Progressive Pope” what a load of HORSESHIT! This guy is nothing more than a shill for the Organized Crime Syndicate that is the Roman Catholic Church!!! They have done NOTHING as a Church to ABSOLUTELY condemn THE PERPS and COOPERATE WITH POLICE! Roger Mahony of Los Angeles should be in JAIL right next to Cardinal Law and the rest of those Monsters in Red Dresses!!!

  • Xzamilio

    @tomkindc: Bigotry. Bigotry. Bigotry. I swear to [insert god here] that some of you just throw that word around for the hell of it. How is anything Baume saying “bigotry”? How is this article stopping Catholics from worshiping their made up god and spreading AIDS in Africa or keeping firm to a rigid STD-enabling no-condoms spiritual pledge and enabling pedophiles to freely roam about for decades? It’s not.

    The beliefs are archaic and indicative of how stupid a divinely inspired being must be to have such dogmatic doctrines that don’t even mature the way humanity does. It’s a good thing Christianity and Judaism by large reformed and most of that nonsense is ignored… waiting on you, Islam.

  • RusTy DeRsch

    can i have an email or cell number for this so called GOD … i think he may not be who they say he is …

  • joeyty

    @Xzamilio: Baume blamed Northern Ireland homophobia on the Catholic Church. He’s either a lying bigot or very stupid.

  • Stephen Sottile

    Same as Benedict, better lip gloss.

  • John Garbutt

    Dear Pope
    Thanks for confirming what I already knew – you are just a person like all others. I would add that you do not have divine right and the only view of what God would say is OK. You clearly state that 2 older people – beyond child bearing age – cannot be married. Does this change the marital status of all couple post menopause? Are they then considered not married even if they have children? Why such strong views? In my conversations with God he has never struck me down or said what I cannot be – curious as to why your conversations are different?
    Looking forward to your response – i have God’s already.

  • Donald Kirby

    guess what? There is no God so go f**K yourself Pope girl.

  • Chuck Duncan

    And Bernie Sanders has been invited to speak at the Vatican?! He should politely tell them to shove that invitation.

  • blackhook

    Begone Pope you have no power here! Why does anyone even care what this old strange fruit says? and does the Pope still shit in the woods?…this “progessive” pope recently presided over exorcisms at the vatican. Admittedly he does look good in his finest dresses and party hats, but it’s beyond time to disband the Catholic Criminal Empire for good!

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @Xzamilio: Muslims are going through their own reformation as we speak; one of the reasons why Daesh exists is to halt theological progress with the sword. There is a reason why 90% of their victims are fellow Muslims.

  • Gary Hecklinger

    Kinda like Mitch McConnell, make the rules to their liking… change them on a whim… Ignore diversity and what the people say creating a bias agenda. We are all different… Race, size, gender, sexual preference and so on… Rather we like it or not. I say.. quit acting like children and accept the fact that there are GAY people in the world… always have been… I know that I just as you are a part of Gods plan :)

  • Darryl Moir

    Slit your face off, need a hand.

  • M J Martinez Crogan

    Phuck him and his fake phucking God. Phucking pedophile

  • Timothy Warner

    The Holy Roman Catholic Church, can not be Trusted!!!!!

  • Lou Mac

    I never believed it.

  • Keith Viar

    I really believe in the all loving Perfect God. The Pope claim’s the position of “POPE” there is power in the POPE some people look at him as if he was God. He inturpet’s the Bible to million’s of followers the Bible clearly says not to judge. And if you go to the very back of the Bible it says that if you use any part of the Bible to manipulate or twist and use it to make things go your way you will be erased from the book of life. The lesson to be learned here is to be careful how you speak for God…I don’t think that it can be done nor should it. God loves you just the way you are that includes not excludes.

  • Michael Carley

    From a man in a dress…….

  • Mauricio Colmenares

    Pope Francis MY ASS? Clean your house inside first. You have no moral to judge anybody.

  • David O Brien

    Now there’s a big surprise !!!!!!?????

  • Patrick Cornet

    et les homos , François ,ils n’existent pas pour toi ?

  • Nick Helliwell

    Are paedophiles part of God’s plan?

  • Barry Shatswell

    He is confused again. I hear, he and God do not talk these days. Something about the Pope criticizing God’s works.

  • David G. Haas

    As a gay Catholic, I never expected Pope Francis to reverse Church teaching on gay marriage or its position on being gay. However, this Pope has opened the door to change within the Church. I may not see an open and affirming Church in my lifetime, but I believe it will happen and history may say it began while Francis was pope.

  • David G. Haas

    As a gay Catholic, I never expected Pope Francis to reverse Church teaching on gay marriage or its position on being gay. The Church’s teaching has always been and currently remains built upon the foundation that marriage is to create family and propagate the faith. To that end …. Gay marriage is NOT in that natural plan, unless adoption or artificial insemination is used. However, I do NOT believe, he believes in his heart that same sex marriage and same sex families cannot be, and are not as committed as any other marriage. This Pope has opened the door to change within the Church. I may not see a fully open and affirming Church in my lifetime, but I believe it will happen and history may say it began while Francis was pope.

    • D William Iannotti


    • David G. Haas

      I do reads the Bible, D. William Iannotti, but I do NOT take it out of context. And to address your comment …. in a way Pope Francis IS in God’s plan since Jesus selected Peter to lead His Church, and Francis is our modern successor to Peter’s Chair.

    • Martin Cosentino

      Folks, you have all missed some cosmically large issues!!! This planet now contains over SEVEN BILLION PERSONS, and the resources needed to feed, clothe, shelter, transport, and otherwise coddle them is being exhausted. The male population, as well as females, are backing off from reproduction, but the sexual drive is still there, and being stoked white hot by pornography everywhere on the planet.

      The GAY AND STRAIGHT culture and its flagrant whoring and promiscuity, where sex is instantly available, and there are no consequences, is what young people are SEEING and BELIEVING is their future. There is an old saying – A STIFF DICK has NO conscience, and I like sex as well as any adult man or woman. But it is OVER THE TOP, and that is what Pope Francis is reacting too – the decadent nature of advertising your body for instant sex -the Madison avenue idea that sex is the answer to all ills,that it sells EVERYTHING, – even the human body becomes a commodity to reap obscene profits.

      The implicit promises that all porn stars make with their beautifully sculpted bodies -Promises they will NEVER be
      able to keep to anyone, let alone themselves when they fall exhausted from their last paid for orgasm!!!!

  • Billy Budd

    They molest and fuck little children and then come up with bigotry towards us. The worst kind of hypocrites.

  • Jay Fisher

    Wow popes need to get it together. Hate tares us apart and love brings us together. I guess we know where religions stand when it comes to love and acceptance. #popehatesgays

  • Joseph Carney

    Then why did God make us? I am Catholic, Catholics believe God made everything. If we’re not part of the plan, why make us. Gay’s have been around as long as the Catholic church and maybe even further back than the church. Something to think about Pope Frances. Wonder what his answer is on that.

  • J.b. Adams

    Same old sicko in a silly dress & Prada shoes.

  • Alan Nicholoplus

    This from a guys who’s organization is known for little boy butt bangers.

  • Bill Crossfield

    Gods plan was not riches yet the Catholic Church is the richest institute in the world that allows homosexuality ===I was in the seminary for 3 yrs ==knew I was gay but thought the only gay person on earth till I was there —-sick a bunch of hypocracy —nuns pregnant —rooms even the Pope will not go into cause of the wealth —hiding abusing boys and girls under the name of God ===give me a break

  • Richard Goodnight

    Sometimes the best things to happen were not planned.

  • Glücklich

    @David G. Haas:
    I hope you’re right. Thanks for weighing in.

    Half my family are lapsed Catholics and they seem to be pretty live-and-let-live.

    Probably some kind of genetic predisposition to Catholicism or subconscious…something…but if I have trouble sleeping I’ll sometimes tune to EWTN TV and let Mother Angelica lull me to sleep with the loooooong version of the Hail Mary and Salutations.

  • Manu Carreño

    And why do we wanna be one of those God bitches?

  • Nick Silva

    LOOOOL ?????????????????? ???This guy is a joke omg why does he act like what he says is gonna stop countries from legalizing same sex unions/marriage? ??????

  • ???

    Maybe he’s not in God’s plan either.

  • John Malin

    So, two people who love each other, but of the same sex is wrong, but hiding pedophile priests is OK? WTF! Hey, pope Francis, F.U.

  • Robin Sinn

    “who am I to judge” is what he says all the time. Something he won’t say for Heterosexuals. So please, get over it.

  • Will Tom Hanse

    I never believed in him being “gay friendly” ????????????????????

  • Pete

    For years I’ve said the Church needs to build a new HQ, since St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel are largely the brainchild of a gay man.

  • Daniel-Reader

    The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops got LGBT protections for foster kids in Florida removed. That is pure evil. They are harming non-catholic children now.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Jake Richardson: What exactly are his “great works”?

  • Joe Waldroff

    Chum up to that bigotry Bernie.

  • Craig Bankert

    Says the man who believes in sky spooks.

  • Brian

    The Pope is correct. Homosexual relations cannot produce offspring. They should not be equated to marriage.

    However, homosexual relations can be very fulfilling. They are designed partly to ensure that men are not reliant totally on women for their erotic pleasure. They empower men as a gender.

  • John D Brown

    For those of you who don’t know, Eve was created AFTER the 6 days of creation. Genesis 2:18 Which means that Eve was not apart of Gods original plan… people need to read their Bibles!

  • Frederick M. Weisinger

    Abbas the Angel of Peace was not of Gods plan. The Pope should rewrite Gods plan….

  • Luis E Paz Jr.

    Who’re you Pope Francis to say Same sex Couples as not Part of God Plans. But Homophobia Homosexuality and Pedophilia are part of the Plan of God right.

  • Bill Ligon

    Neither are you POOP or pope.

  • Jake Lai


  • Gary Harryman

    Homophobia is a mental illness. This POS is just raising money from fellow bigots. It’s all about the money so members of this sick club of cross-dressers and pedos never have to work.

  • Rodney Jones

    Thats okay …. With the awful things happening in our world and religious teachings remaining so ridiculously prehistoric … I would say the church doesn’t have much of a future in gods plan ….

  • D William Iannotti

    and all the animals and insects that demonstrate homosexual behavior is not God’s plan either…YOU ARE NOT GOD’S PLAN … THAT’S WHY HE GAVE US JESUS!

  • Max Maxwell

    Pope’s are not part of the Creator’s plan: they were dreamed up by the controlling elite 2,000 years ago to force gullible superstitious people into accepting that a Pontiff was God’s representative on Earth. The Catholic Church represents discrimination, suppression, condemnation, persecution, corruption, cruelty, torture, and mass murder, and not forgetting child abuse. Of course the Church wants it’s flock to be heterosexual and to breed more Catholics, to keep it’s evil bandwagon on the road.

  • Richard Holaday

    As someone who was raised Protestant, I could care less about what this Pope (or any Pope for that matter) and Catholicism has to say about same-sex couples ???

  • Ron Marshall

    I’m not Catholic…soooo

  • Nicholas A Baio

    Your a “MAN” elected by peers-not by “GOD”—–grow up—unless you speak to “GOD” directly- you shouldn’t speak for “GOD”

  • Nixter

    @Brian: Agreed.

  • Douglas Schlitz

    Maybe Gods plan is for him to mind his own business and quit judging and sit down. Now there is a plan !

  • Carlos Mejia

    Neither is sexually abusing children but they have done it for hundreds and hundreds of years!

  • Daniel-Reader

    Since the Vatican violates the human rights of hundreds of millions of people, there is no reason for thoes people to preserve it.

  • George E Busse

    He dont have a lot of room to talk,,, he needs to stop wearing a dress,, maybe he is gay

  • Barrie Goldleaf

    Well, he’s following the Bible on that, which is what he’s supposed to do, isn’t it? I’m pleased that he’s as liberal as he is. I wouldn’t expect to invite him to one of my private parties.

  • Desert Boy

    Pope Francis can go fuck himself.

    He’s just another creepy denizen of the 8th century Catholic church. The thing that angers me most is, all these lost souls drooling over this freak. His views have the power to do as much harm to gay Catholics as did the hate speech from his predecessor.

  • jayj150

    I actually love this. I find gays desperately trying to find the validation of a corrupted, immoral organization like the Catholic Church are pathetic. And this is anything but surprising. Praising this useless, homophobic moron makes about as much sense as praising that homophobic, conservative freak Jenner. They couldn’t care less about us and they never will, we shouldn’t even try to get their approval, we don’t need it and they don’t deserve it.

  • Louis Fourie

    Well, his opinion is only valid for Catholics. I’m not a Catholic, whatever he says therefore, does not apply to me.

  • Michael Paul

    Yep the look of a bottom

  • Billysees

    You can say what you like about the Pope and the Catholic Church, but don’t forget this super-important comment that can help make the lives of all LGBTs much better, especially if it were to be put into practice all over the world —

    They [LGBTs] must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided…….Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • youarekiddingme

    @Brian: @Nixter: Brian you’ve found a friend. Must have studied at the same school and have the same access to the same scholastic papers that you do (that you have never produced). Same sex marriage is NOT all about men. Women get married to women as well…duh! It’s not about empowerment (as you love to put it), it’s about the legal rights issues for health care benefits, taxes and so on. Wake up Brian. If and when you find someone then you will understand the legitimate need for marriage (maybe).

  • Pro-Life

    @David G. Haas: Joseph, the answer to your question is in Romans 1:18-32. Homosexuality is a curse & punishment for generational sin of not honoring God. This is why homosexuality exists. Homosexuals are bearing the consequence of sin in their families. Read it for yourself in the Bible on line https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+1:18-32

  • Pro-Life

    @Brian: Joseph, the answer to your question is in Romans 1:18-32. Homosexuality is a curse & punishment for generational sin of not honoring God. This is why homosexuality exists. Homosexuals are bearing the consequence of sin in their families. Read it for yourself in the Bible on line https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+1:18-32

  • Pro-Life

    @Luis E Paz Jr.: Sin was never part of God’s original plan; however, Adam ate the apple & thus sin was introduced into the world. Homosexuality, pedophilia, adultery, murder, lying, pride, divorce are all forms of sin that was never originally intended but nevertheless exist because mankind defied God.

  • Pro-Life

    @David G. Haas: Pope does not have authority to reverse church teaching on homosexuality. The church teachings against homosexuality is based on the word of God (ie: the Bible) & the teachings of Christ. The word of God & the teachings of Christ do NOT “evolve” or change over time to accommodate the sins of mankind. The Bible clearly states in Psalm 119:89
    “Your word, LORD, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.” Therefore, the commandment in Leviticus 18:22 will never change. This commandment is, “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”

  • youarekiddingme

    @Pro-Life: If you can step down off your “Soap Box” for a moment….You talk about your pope not being able to change the bible (the book of fables), but what about how he has HIDDEN Pope Benedict XVI?? The man who was in charge of the “shell game” of hiding the priests in the sex scandal? Isn’t that going against holy doctoring? Shouldn’t that man be tried for his earthly sins instead of being hidden from prosecution in the Vatican? Isn’t your Pope guilty of a sin by hiding this sinner? How can he preach to uphold the morals of the church while protecting someone who violated those morals? Is he simply protecting the worldly, physical assets of the church from possible civil litigation?

    Pro-Life…in the womb! What about after? How about having the church’s congregation adopting some crack babies huh? What about the bible’s stand on punishments for some of their sins (stoning for example)? You can’t have it both ways…There’s so much murder/sacrifice in your bible and yet you want to talk about Pro-Life. What hypocracy. The church needs to do a helluva lot more to support the children once they are born…don’t you think?

    There’s so much bs in the bible and the church…please I and others could go on for DAYS!

  • youarekiddingme

    @Pro-Life: Leviticus…Your Pope is mixing fabrics…Please!

  • Louis

    Blah blah blah I wasnt surprised by this I also fell for it …in the beginning but thankfully I paid close attention to this mans actual words and actual attitude.

    Another wolf in sheeps clothing no pope we have EVER had has ever supported our rights or dignities as Americans and they never will.

    All these tiny little platitudes mean nothing to me its not love its false love and its just some tiny little attempts to paint himself as if hes some LOVING accepting man .

    Yet his actions and his words speak louder in that regard .

    How dare people like this continue to degrade our relationships under the guise of their mythological God and their primitive and archaic beliefs and ideologies.

    Get over yourself POPE our relationships are just as worthy and significant as all the heterosexual relationships (which btw mostly end due to infidelity amongst other things) in this world are.

    Go back to your cave where you belong with the rest of the uneducated and narrowminded neanderthals in this world.

  • Louis

    @Pro-Life: Pat Robertson is calling for you heed his call.

    This isn’t a bible school its a site clearly designed for LGBT people.

    If you are LGBT then you should be ashamed supporting such archaic and narrowminded views about our community and our rights as Americans.

    As far as abortion goes unless you have a uterus you have no right to tell women what they can or can not do with their OWN bodies .

    They don’t belong to you.

    So much for LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR as usual with hypocrites like yourself.

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