Pope Francis Is Shocked (Shocked!) At Idea Of Legislation Allowing Gay Adoption

popefrancisiHe may be The Advocate’s Man of the Year for his supposedly gay friendly attitude, Pope Francis is reportedly “shocked” at the idea of legislation allowing gay adoption. At least that’s the report from one of his own bishops, Charles Scicluna of Malta.

Scicluna delivered a Christmas sermon that made the point that Jesus was raised by a heterosexual couple. When asked about it afterwords,  Scicluna said he discussed the matter at a meeting with the pope just two weeks prior. “When I raised the issue that’s worrying me as a bishop [the right for gay couples to adopt] he encouraged me to speak out,” Scicluna said, adding that the pope was “shocked” that adoption was included in a proposed civil unions bill.

Now, this is Scicluna’s account, so it’s hard to know what transpired in the conversation between him and Francis. Still, it’s very unlikely that Scicluna would have delivered such a condemnatory sermon if Francis had waved him off. Moreover, it’s impossible to imagine that Scicluna would publicly put words in the pope’s mouth, particularly since the bishop had a long career as a Vatican functionary.

The episode is an example of just how premature the beatification of Pope Francis is. Expect similar episodes in the coming months.


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  • Tackle

    Ha ha! Egg on your face Advocate. Did you really think he was a friend and supporter??

  • 2eo

    How are we shocked, another PR pope pushing the same bigotry and molestation as all the others. This pope is just another paedophile with a slightly better PR team.

  • Joetx

    Let’s see, Joseph wasn’t Jesus’s biological father (put aside the immaculate conception part for the moment). So Jesus was NOT raised in a so-called “traditional family,” which conservatives are always holding out as the one & only ideal.

    Plus, Jesus had TWO fathers, further cementing the point that Jesus was NOT a member of a traditional family.

    The fact that religious hypocrites don’t see the irony is mind-boggling.

  • MK Ultra

    And yet so many fools actually believed that this pope would be any different than the last one…

  • NH Mike

    Exactly! He seems to have an open mind, but, ultimately, do people really think he is going to alter thousands of years of the church’s teachings in a matter of months?

  • Nina123

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  • SteveDenver

    I am so bored with Catholics who are gay or lesbian and who are frantic to embrace the RCC. What absolute idiocy. For The Advocate to have announced Pope Frannie as “Person Of The Year” without any substantive change proves that G/L Catholics would be happy if they got kicked in the face by the Papal Pradas.

  • SteveDenver

    @NH Mike: I chalk this in the column of “Saying Is Not Doing.”

  • JAW

    Keep in mind that the Bishop that made the statement is a far right wing guy.

    He never said why the Pope was shocked… It could be that he was shocked that there was a law banning adoption by same sex couples… LOL

  • Kieran

    In a court of law this kind of thing would be thrown out as “hearsay”. But haters gonna hate….whether gay or strayt.

  • Rita S. Vasquez

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