Pope Francis Loves Your Kids But Your Relationship Is A Different Matter

popefrancisiPope Francis, aka The Advocate’s Person of the Year, wants to make sure that the children of gay couples are treated nicely in the Church.

He also wants to make sure that their parents don’t get married.

In his latest reported comments about all things gay, this time to a group of priests, Francis displayed concern about how the Church treats the children of divorced or same-sex couples. Harsh judgments will only scare them away from the faith, he warned.

“How can we proclaim Christ to these boys and girls? How can we proclaim Christ to a generation that is changing? We must be careful not to administer a vaccine against faith to them,” Pope Francis said.

The pope cited an anecdote he heard while he was bishop of Buenos Aries. “I remember the case of a very sad little girl who finally confided to her teacher the reason for her state of mind: ‘My mother’s girlfriend doesn’t like me,’ ” Francis said.

But just to make it perfectly clear that being nice to the kids doesn’t automatically extend to the parents, the Vatican stressed that the pope’s comments do not change Church policy toward civil unions, a topic of political debate in Italy.

“Speaking of an ‘opening to gay couples’ is paradoxical because the pope’s speech was totally general and because even the small concrete example given by the Pope alludes directly to the suffering of the children,” Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told Vatican Radio.

Sounds like the Vatican has a good cop-bad cop routine going on. The pope gets to make all the nice warm statements, while the bureaucracy slides in after with the harsh reality. So much for real change.


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