Portia De Rossi Cast In Bryan Fuller’s Munsters Revamp, Mockingbird Lane

Out actress Portia de Rossi has been cast as Lily Munster in a re-“vamp” of The Munsters from out producer Bryan Fuller, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Though Rossi is known for breakout comedic roles in Arrested Development and Better Off Ted, Mockingbird Lane, as the show is now called, is alleged to be more dramatic than chuckleworthy.The pilot will be directed by X-Men helmer Brian Singer.

Joining Ellen’s better half on the NBC show is Jerry O’Connell, taking on the role of grey-skinned patriarch Herman Munster, and cross-dressing English comedian Eddie Izzard, who will play Grandpa. Mockingbird Lane will explore how the gruesome twosome came together and began their lives on the titular streets. Does this sound like True Blood meets Desperate Housewives to anyone else besides us?

The show’s been brewing since 2010, so who knows if it’ll really come to pass. But if it does,Fuller would be a fool not to cast Chloë Sevigny as Marilyn.

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  • topsyturvy

    Wasn’t Kristen Bell at one time mentioned as a possiblity for Marilyn? I don’t think Sevigny is quite the right type for the beautiful cousin that everyone in the family thinks is ugly.

  • Mikey Rox

    Charity Wakefield is playing Marilyn.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Sounds like crap.

  • Stache99

    I loved the munsters so I’ll probably watch it.

  • Jim

    Was at Universal Studios Wednesday, they hvae the exterior orf the Munster house on the backlot tour.

  • Geoff B

    I was skeptical about the new Munsters, but even though Portia is probably better known for her relationship with Ellen, people forget she’s actually a very talented actress. I’ll give it a shot.

  • Alexa

    Loved her in Better Off Ted and Arrested Development so will definitely tune in for this. Jerry O’Connell can be pretty funny as well. And anything with Eddie Izzard in is at least worth giving a try.

  • Dinodogstar

    Glad to see it happening for her, she’s got all the sh*t any decent homo would want- she’s smart, compassionate, beautiful and already loved just for be-ing; she’s sexy and has got that working-ying-to-Ellen’s-yang thing, going for her; she gets to become even more famous and rake in some big bucks(we’ll see then who wears the pants in that family-wait, nevermind)and Portia gets shoe-horned into our popular culture( Dr. Dobson and Rev. Felps would argue,done subversively so); she can just be, and be not afraid, and present and accounted for, visible. So important, the ‘out’ thing- I hope the show gets some advice and crib notes from that writer, Paul Rudnick. He’s crazy funny, and what we need, in what feels to be a very un-funny, angry and tense,’three-steps-forward,two-steps-back’,kind of a transitional time …Portia will get to perform , and be funny and all that, and she probably can loan the whole make-up staff some free samoles of Cover-Girl products.. but she’ll still have a degree of anonymity that a smoke-and-mirrors, gothically mysterious, dark black costume brings..wait, on that thought, maybe she consider instead doing a Christian version of “Yentl”, and consider sneaking into a Catholic seminary school. I would so Tivo that..I kid ya, my fellow Catholics, you knowI got nothing but love for ya’all…ok done, And sadly,so is my Boones Farm strawberry wine..peace

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