Even with a Pride Month gone virtual, you’re still bound to see rainbow flags around your neighborhood… and likely some light blue, pink, and white trans pride flags, too.

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If you’re extra lucky, you’ll see some of the lesser-known but no less important flags below. If this is your first time seeing these designs or even these terms, you’re in the right place. Scroll down to check out the rainbow as seen through some other prisms…

Agender individuals identify with no gender or gender identity. The agender flag has seven stripes—light green, white, gray, and black going from center to edge.


Aromantic people don’t experience romantic love but may still enjoy sex. The aromantic pride flag has five bands: green, light green, white, gray, and black.


Asexual people don’t experience sexual attraction and find little no enjoyment in sexual activity — but may still experience romantic love. Gray asexual people, meanwhile, exist on the spectrum between asexuality and sexuality and experience sexual attraction occasionally.

The asexual pride flag has four bands: black, gray, white, and purple.


Intersex individuals are born with physical sex characteristics that are different than medical norms for physical sex characteristics. The intersex pride flag is yellow with a circle outlined in purple.


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Nonbinary and genderqueer individuals embody gender identities outside of the masculine-feminine binary. The nonbinary pride flag has four stripes: yellow, white, purple, and black. The genderqueer pride flag has three: lavender, white, and green.



Pansexual people experience sexual/romantic attraction to people regardless of sex or gender identity. The pansexual pride flag has three stripes: pink, yellow, and sky blue.


Demisexual individuals experience sexual attraction after emotional connection. The demisexual pride flag has a wide white band, a narrow purple band, a wide gray bland, and a right-facing black chevron.


Happy Pride, all!

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