Project Marriage Maine Offers “Church Kit” To Combat Marriage Equality, Gets $250 K From NOM

Marriage equality opponent Project Marriage Maine has published a nifty little kit instructing churches on how to combat a question seeking to legalize gay marriage on the state’s November ballot. Helping to further their “righteous” campaign is the National Organization for Marriage, which donated $250,000 to PMM on Thursday.

In a letter to “marriage supporters,” chairman Bob Emrich writes:

As pastors and Christian leaders, we know that much more is at stake here than merely winning or losing at theballot box. Marriage between one man and one woman is the foundation of a stable society, and it’s the setting in which God intended children to be raised, to be nurtured and to develop their identity.

Many people mistakenly believe that allowing “same-sex” marriage would not threaten their own traditional marriages. They mistakenly presume that all marriages can simply coexist, including those of the “same-sex”variety. However, the reality is a new, redefined (genderless) version of marriage would be the only legally recognized definition of marriage for anyone in Maine. And experience elsewhere establishes those who do not agree with this redefinition of marriage – whether for moral, religious, personal or any other reason – will soon find themselves facing consequences.

Under this new regime of genderless marriage, the word of God will be considered outright bigotry…

God forbid anyone considers telling an entire class of people they’re not equal based on a simple characteristic bigotry.

According to PMM campaign manager Frank Schubert, the November ballot is particularly important as Maine could be the first state to legalize gay marriage through popular vote. The Maine Legislature had previously legalized it in 2009 but voters overturned the law later that year. Schubert told The Seattle Times, “It is a critical race for the survival of the institution of marriage in this country. It’s a race that the entire nation is looking at and will have an impact far beyond the borders of Maine.”

Citing recent polls, Schubert said the race is close even though prior to NOM’s $250,000 donation gay marriage opponents had raised between $100,000 to $250,000, compared to the paltry $5 million raised by gay marriage supporters.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    I predict that the American christian Taliban and NOM are going to be gnashing their teeth when SSMarriage passes by popular vote. Do we really need the dictatorial (irr)religious (un)righteous telling the rest of us what to do, think, and believe? Especially when SSMarriage hurts noone else’s marriage. I don’t think I want to live in a hateful society like they propose.
    Dakotahgeo, M.Div. Pastor/Chaplain (Ret. but very active).

  • avesraggiana

    He doesn’t WHY it’s a mistake for many people to believe that their own heterosexual marriages would not be harmed by same-sex marriage. He just starts invoking the name of God, and telling us what God’s intentions are. Hardly a solid basis for defending traditional marriage.

  • Mjl-428

    it’s a shame that thousands of dollars have been wasted for no good cause whatsoever.
    I wonder if anyone who gets fed this crap ever wonders how this will destroy the institution of marriage. I wonder if they ever bother to question these ridiculous statements and missions before going along with them. if they did, they’d probably stop supporting NOM and spend their money for something useful

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Mjl-428: That’s the great thing about this whole right wing church marriage kit thingy! Intelligent people DO GET IT… the majority of the people have known for a long time that the reich wingers come up way short in the entire marriage debate. My only hope is that the reich wing American christian Taliban keep up their outrage long enough to completely cancel the tax-exempt status of all churches. When they do that, they will be decimated, and noone will ever listen to them again. It WILL happen!

  • MK Ultra

    Go ahead christianists. Blow all your money on fighting a losing battle. Let the tsunami of equality come crashing down on your heads.
    I hope they don’t think we’ll be done with them once, marriage equality passes. Oh no.
    There’s their tax e/empty status to go after. There’s criminal charges coming out of the churche’s ass that need to be pursued. They started this “war”. We’ll finish it.

  • DrakeScott

    Although the legalization of gay marriage seems inevitable, this vote is coming far too soon on the heels of the last defeat in Maine (2009). The state has a very distinct “conservative north” and “liberal south” rift that has yet to be adequately addressed, and I fear the irritation over having to vote on the issue again so soon may push many former fence-riders into the marriage inequality camp on (misguided) principle. I guess we’ll soon see.


    CHRISTIANITY IS A MENTAL ILLNESS! there for Christian are mentally ill.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @KARUADAM: KARUADAM, Wake up! Grow up! Already… you’re late! (And get an education!!!)

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