Prop 8 Perry Trial Decision Coming Imminently? Is Judge Walker Even Around? Nah

Well if the DOMA ruling wasn’t enough news today, how about this: Judge Vaughn Walker will release his decision in the federal Prop 8 trial, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, at 6pm PST/9pm EST, say LOTS OF SOURCES ON THE INTERNET. Except: Is Judge Walker even around? Nobody is picking up the phones at the courts, and according to the courts’ website:

JULY 8 and 9, 2010
AUGUST 16 through AUGUST 20, 2010
OCTOBER 11 through OCTOBER 15, 2010

If not, well, I’m still in a good mood otherwise.

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  • Sean

    At the same time as Lebron’s decision? Why?!!! America is going to be transfixed on that instead. VERY bad move. Just wait an hour! Or til tomorrow!

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Uhm, no perfect. The bigots need to make a splash of this. We just need the rights.

  • concernedcitizen

    Trust me @Sean this decision coupled with the recent DOMA decision I have a feeling will make a HUGE SPLASH, I can’t wait, I may even watch Fixed News to see how peeved they get!!! I’d love to see Megyn Kelly brain implode!!!!!

  • Steveo

    So did they announce a decision?

  • Steveo

    This just in: All the buzz was just a false alarm. No decision tonight.

  • concernedcitizen

    Queerty urgh you tricked me you bastards!!!!! : )

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Sean: Part of the issue with the gay rights movement is that for some of you – you really have no idea what this is about. No, its not about making a splash and getting back at all those people who treated you wrong for being gay in the past. Its about making sure that we have equality by any means necessary.

  • Republican

    Drudge wasn’t the only one. The Advocate on its twitter account was saying that several sources were reporting the news. Hmm.

  • Soakman

    @D’OH, I think you’re wrong. How do you propose we attain true equality with no visibility?

    Our bigoted American brothers and sisters need to know that they are wrong; it’s not about us quietly sitting at our country’s feet while we wait for it to slyly drop us the anticipated crumbs of acceptance.

  • Republican


    I hate to defend Drudge, but word is that the judge might have delayed his decision due to the verdict in the Oakland trial and related concerns with the BART system and rioting. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow if that’s true.

  • Delerious hilarity

    Have I mentioned on this thread that I come from a wealthy family?

  • Lamar

    Maybe he just doesn’t want the media bothering him so they can get the scoop first and report it early which would look embarrassing.

  • Zach


    Ideally, you attain visibility after you win the rights and have them secured, not when they can be challenged and legislated against. Making a “splash” is a call to arms, and in case you haven’t noticed, outside the judicial sphere, you’re not doing all that well. Take it to the people on any gay rights issue and you’ll lose, almost every time. Take it to them on gay marriage, and you lose every time. And if there are enough angry theocrats breathing down their necks, almost any legislative moderate will cave and vote your rights away.

  • Jonathan

    I would think Drudge would have a personal stake in this ruling – after all, he’s queer, too. (Although he doesn’t admit it, everyone else knows…)

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