Queerty’s Weekly Entertainment Guide: James Dean, Dan Savage And “Cruising”





Arguably the most controversial gay-themed movie ever made, Cruising stars Al Pacino as a jittery cop who infiltrates New York’s S/M scene to investigate a series of unsettling gay murders. Director William Friedkin’s 1980 mystery, which inspired James Franco‘s recent Interior. Leather Bar., remains one of cinema’s most unfairly-maligned thrillers. It’s again available on DVD after a lengthy moratorium. Watch the trailer below.

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  • Katbox

    I Do. Is a horrifyingly dull movie. It’s an hour and a half of nothing. Pacing…horrible. Actors…acceptable.
    Aside from the often shirtless lead, there isn’t much of a reason to watch this film.

  • mattsy

    My top 5 favorite films of all time:
    1)Mommie Dearest
    3)Welcome to the Dollhouse
    4)Whatever Happened to BJ
    Al Pacino was a great undercover gay and ur never sure if he was the killer or not
    Twisted dark and campy-my kinda film

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