QUESTION: Why Are You Voting For President Obama?

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With the presidential election just days away, LGBT Americans are pretty firmly in the Obama camp. A Logo TV-Harris Interactive poll from August indicates 67% of gays are voting to keep the President in office (compared to 23% opting for Romney-Ryan).

What we want to know from those of you that are casting your ballot for the Commander in Chief, is why?

Are you confident in his ability to enact policies that will help the LGBT community? Do you approve of the measures he’s taken to improve the economy? Was it the Affordable Health Care Act

Why are you voting for Barack Obama in the presidential election?

that tipped your hand? Or is it just that he’s not Mitt Romney?

Voting is a solitary, anonymous act—one that can sometimes feel meaningless—so we’re giving everyone a chance to speak about the “whys” of their choice. (Romney voters, and we know you’re out there, will get a opportunity to comment tomorrow.)

March into the comments section and sound off!

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