How sweet

The quote on this candy packaging is practically pandering to gay customers

Candy shoppers are reporting that there’s a suggestive quote printed on the bottom of family-sized packages of Maltesers, a British variety of chocolate-covered malt balls.

The quote: “Everyone likes a nice bottom.”

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A Googling of that phrase yields only 39 results, but according to Trademarkia, those five words were trademarked in October 2019 by Mars, Incorporated — the manufacturer of Maltesers, 3 Musketeers, M&M’s, Twix, and other confections.

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Mars probably meant “bottom” in the sense of “rump” or “caboose.” But when photos of the Maltesers packaging start circulating on the r/gay subreddit, you know people are taking the phrase to a whole new level.