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Rachel Maddow Isn’t Going To Gossip About Her Former MSNBC Pal Keith Olbermann

Last night’s on-air news that Keith Olbermann was parting ways with MSNBC caught even his protege Rachel Maddow by surprise. Bill Maher had the good fortune of booking the gal who’s now MSNBC’s biggest star on his own show just as Olbermann was breaking his news. Not that Maddow was going to get into intra-office politics or anything.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Of course she isn’t going to say anything. After all, Rachel just bought a swell new condo on that plantation called Manhattan and she can’t afford to piss off anyone at Comcast.

    I expect to see her move her program to the center and maybe even to the right in order to placate her corporate Masters at Comcast.

    And so it goes in America. All the media is rightwing.

  • Jeff K.

    Rachel is the closest thing there is to “beyond reproach” on cable news. Of course she’ll keep it classy.

  • Adam

    @christopher di spirito: If that is the case, then it says more about the way the country really leans politically and socially.

  • .

    “Rachel is the closest thing there is to “beyond reproach” on cable news. Of course she’ll keep it classy.

    Translation: Her biases coincide with my own, so of course I am convinced she sees clearly and tells the unvarnished truth.”

  • .

    “All the media is rightwing.”

    You are insane.

  • 7

    so much anger. either queerty has a troll problem or some bitter-ass queens, possibly both.

    i highly doubt rachel will change her positions. she’s made it this far without having to sacrifice her core ideology, and i REALLY REALLY don’t think she’ll be moving center-right just because some neo-cons come in and start pushing her around. if it gets really bad, she’ll make a deal with CNN or OWN or something.

  • Brandon

    both trolls and queens here

  • .

    “so much anger” = “I can’t argue on the merits so I will endeavor to play shrink.”

  • Screaming Queen

    This week little miss thang said “SDI Can’t Work Because Missiles Can’t Shoot Missiles Out of the Sky”

    What a freakin loon! But what can we expect from someone that was 17 in 1990 when the gulf war scud missles were doing the exact thing she’s claiming is impossible. My housecats have more shame, humility, class, and yes, better informed opinions than this militant witch. My cat at least as has the decency to hide for a few hours after it runs into the sliding glass door, but not this idiot! (LMAO)

    I’m soooooo tired of that ill informed zealot embarassing the LGBT’s. She is a ninny, no different than Glen Beck or Sarah Palin. The only thing worse are the sheeple that admire her zany zealotry.

    Stupidity is a plague, Anger is a gift!

  • Jeff K.

    @Screaming Queen: Um, she was absolutely right. SDI was meant to defend against ICBM’s. As far as I know (and I was 2 in 1990), there were no ICBM’s flying around during the Gulf War. If there were, it would have been World War III.

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