Another day, another crazy right-wing radio host vomiting bigotry and paranoia on his impressionable listeners.

In a new video obtained by Right Wing Watch, according to American Family Association radio host Kevin McCullough, Russia’s decision to occupy Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula was all a result of the drag show fundraiser held at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa last weekend.

Last Saturday, half a dozen troops performed a drag show to raise money for the recently-formed Okinawa chapter of OutServe-SLDN. Over 400 people attended the spectacle. And this, McCullough believes, was the catalyst for Russia’s siege on Ukraine.

“Putin looks at the U.S. and we’re having drag shows on our bases!” McCullough raged. “Do developments like this have anything to do with making our military leaders look less impressive in the eyes of the world?”

He then bows his head and launches into his best Putin impersonation, complete with crazy eyes and a really bad fake Russian accent, and says: “For instance, does Mr. Putin sit there and go, ‘Yeah, I’m not going to do anything Obama says because number one, he can’t keep his word, and number two, your military is now having drag shows on its bases!”

Of course, this is just one of many bizarre statements made by McCullough. In the past, he’s claimed GLAAD was a “pawn of the devil,” said that gay people hate marriage “because fundamentally they hate God, and the guilt of both drives them to extremes,” and called lesbians the “dragons of the world.”

Watch McCullough’s latest rant below.

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