Trans Woman Delivers Rag-Doll Beatdown In Subway Station

Take it from YouTuber Milan Zanotti: If you or any of your friends are thinking of saying “That’s a man” aloud to a New York City trans woman, don’t—or you might end up tossed across a dirty subway floor and kicked against a wall by someone who has taken enough prejudice to fill three lifetimes.

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  • mike128

    Gotta say good for her! Also respect that she let him go once she made her point.

  • Fitz

    Love that Tranny, and the way she handled her business.

  • scribe31

    Never put your hands on anyone that has not put their hands on you. what if the dude had a gun or knife? Don’t get me wrong I have gotten in plenty of fights over the years, but the dude was walking away. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person.

  • Adrian

    I wonder if they would have beat him up if he had said “tranny” instead of “that’s a man.” after all they seem to be ok using the term “Tranny.”

  • Fitz

    @Adrian: I doubt it. I sincerely doubt it. The only
    people who seem to have a problem with the word Tranny are 20 y/o FTMs. Chances are, this Tranny and I would probably go have a beer.

  • Adrian

    @Fitz: I kinda feel bad for the guy because he was clearly drunk, hungover, or simply STUPID to be messing with a group of “gurls” all by himself. Real dumb guy.

  • Fitz

    @Adrian: Imagine how bad it would have been if it was drunk queer person calling out to a group of straights? It would have been murder, literally.
    People need to learn respect and self-responsibility. And a 6 foot angry Tranny might be just the one to teach it. :)

  • Ginasf

    I’m a trans woman and I’m not in favor of physically attacking people who disrespect you. As was mentioned, she could have just as easily ended up dead in this situation had he had weapon. Moreover, a young trans woman in Minneapolis has been charged with murder for defending herself against a group of people who verbally abused her (one of whom she stabbed with a knife during the altercation and died). Either we’re going to deal with our problems as adults without resorting to violence or we’re not.

    And Fitz, if you really think we need to learn respect, then how about not using a term which many trans women find insulting and let us decide whether we’re okay with it or not.

  • Adrian

    @Fitz: I agree…however, if the dude decides to press charges he probably could get the “tranny/s” arrested since the video shows him as the victim.

  • Fitz

    Gina, go take a midol. After seeing you here, trust me..
    I wouldn’t call you Tranny, or Trans, or anything. In fact, I wouldn’t stop
    to give you the time of day.

    @Adrian: I know. Sucks.

  • Tackle

    That’s not cool at all for that trans women or ANYONE to put their hands on someone because they are called a name. In this case the trans women a man. Maybe she got her feelins hurt because she couldn’t pass as a women and her tea was spilled. I wonder is she gonna go through life putting her hands on anyone who says she’s a man or calls her a name. She should consider her self lucky this time. Because if she cannot control her emotions and feels the need to lash out at everyone who calls her a name, she’s gonna have a very shot life.

  • Ugeguy1

    we gotta take back the words fag, tranny, dyke, etc. jus like black people took back the n word
    who’s with me?

    and also, if i was in there i woulde have smacked the guy around a little too

  • Wies

    that woman just made my day ^___^ this makes me smile <3

  • Elmwoodmac

    Good for her kickin’ some much deserved ass.

  • LandStander

    The video does not work anymore. When I click play, it says the video has been removed for violating Youtubes policy on “shocking and disgusting content”

  • 13Zeroither

    looks like no one can see this video again, YouTube took it down or something. I was kinda wondering to see it myself. but oh well

  • rhenaiya

    I would say that this woman must have been at a tipping point from being treated like dirt by society in general. I know that almost anyone who is lgbt identified can attest to experiencing a form of abuse by others who try to discriminate, mock and belittle them. Whether the scholars commenting here would like to admit or acknowledge it, they too are belittling and mocking trans people by using the term “tranny”. The ridiculous sentiment of “taking back” words that have been used to degrade already second class citizens is just sad. I mean, look how well that’s working for black people, the only ones who throw the n-word around are gangster wannabe’s who emulate rappers fulfulling all the stereotypes that racists have about them. Do black politicians, professors, professionals or even most elderly use it with such casualness? No. This is because they know their history and have done all they can to shake off the old stereotypes and rise to their full potential as human beings. But hey, why should any of this matter to someone who’s not trans? I mean, when the victims of bullying or discrimination find someone they can feel superior to, why bother to have compassion or empathy when you can finally exact some revenge against your past tormenters or oppressors by targeting someone else completely?
    I don’t expect anyone to agree with me or even consider what I’m saying here. Obviously I’m just being oversensitive and need to take a joke, right? Or maybe I have to do just what this lady did and hang a dirty lickin on anyone who thinks they have the nerve to be a insensitive bigot to me in person. I am trans and don’t care to have it pointed out to me by someone who finds it amusing to gawk and tease me for what I can describe as an experience of drawn out suffering. No, I’m not going to be a supermodel and I may not even pass under most people’s radar, but that isn’t an invitation for someone to point out and make light of my ongoing struggle to feel happy and aligned with my sense of self. I wish none of us had to be second class citizens in N. America, but don’t any of you reading this forget it. If you are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, intersexed, or pretty much anyone who isn’t wealthy or white, you are down here in the second class citizen line with me. I see you as my friends, equals and am thankful for every bit of territory we have respectively gained for equality and truth. Anyone else have anything snide to say, spare us your internet bravado.

  • John Blatzheim

    @Ginasf: Thank you! When I read about this I was hoping someone would have the sense to condemn this kind of violence, regardless of which side is committing it. Self defense is the only time this kind of assault would be justified.

  • rory

    Damn, gone again. But good for her!

  • Wies

    @John Blatzheim:

    The law has more focus on physical pain then emotional and psychological pain. one could argue that calling a (trans)woman a man is a form of verbal violence. It might not be alot, just a moment. But it’s probably not a rare thing to happen. And each time adds to the whole. This in time might create some trauma.

    But law wise we’d wish that person to just swallow it? I don’t think it’s within human behaviour to accept being rediculed for a long time. One could argue that this women was provoked by another needless and unasked for comment on her appearance.

    One might argue they’re both victims in their own right. The women has received alot of scorn obviously to break down into a violent mood. The man though promping it through ridicule is a victim of a woman enraged by dozens of people like him, and thus a victim of his own kind.

    Push a person far enough and you’ll see some unexpected things happening. Perhaps not politically correct but deeply human. I applaud anyone whom refuses to take shit any longer.

    i also feel some people should gather and beat the shit out of the youth gangs terrorizing gays out of their own homes. Obviously the political correct method doesn’t work on them. Cheers from holland.

  • Davie

    That tranny rocks.

  • yes and

    If you insult me, I will physically attack you.

    That is the main reason not to insult me.

  • hellodolly

    when i first saw the pic, i thought it was wendy williams. how you doing?

  • hk

    press charges? assualt? jail? I’ve seen worse fights in the schoolyard. Some of you need to come back down to reality.

  • CBRad

    Didn’t the trannie just kind of….prove he’s a dude, though? But a crazed dude from all those hormoney things they take?

  • oh but

    If you insult me, I will physically attack you.

    However, I’m physically weak, so my assault will do no significant harm to you.

    You might as well go ahead and insult me with impunity, just as I freely insult those few unfortunates still weaker than myself.

  • CBRad

    @Roxxy: They’re all saying variations of what I’m saying, but…oh, man…they’re even too mean for me !

  • tj

    Assaulting someone is not acceptable. You all do understand that by this logic it is perfectly fine for straight people to attack gays who “hit on them” which is the number one excuse for gay bashing. No matter what he said THAT was not necessary. This is not something to be celebrated.

  • fightback!

    If more of us fought against oppression and schooled bigots we would get our rights.

    Sitting on our hands and hopeing political correctness will work is failing.

    We ARE animals, animals sometimes need to fight to determine dominace.

    If we go down the politicaly correct path we die out.

    Fight tooth and nail for your rights.

    Fight back!!!

  • Aiden

    @CBRad: And your ignorance continues. Did you really refer to her as “he”?

  • CBRad

    @Aiden: I said “he’s a dude”. But at least I’m not like on the hiphop site where they’re saying, “What a pussy little white boy. I woulda taken that tranny faggot dude out.”

  • n900mixalot

    He should have kept his mouth shut. In 2011 you don’t know whether or not some guy who clocks you as trans is going to follow it up with a gunshot or a knife, or an attack, so I see how she could have easily been prompted to act.

    Those chicks are trained, and have been trained, that when someone clocks you they are doing it out of hate and are about to attack you, so what else are you going to do? Play patty cake until everything is fine? Or wait until they get in your face and beat you?

    Hell no. They’ve tried being nice and look what that’s gotten them? Killed. Now it’s time to “not be nice.”

    Patrick Swayze (a la Roadhouse) would have been proud cuz it was definitely time … to not be nice.

  • rhenaiya

    damn straight, all these people who are anti-violence… sure, i agree in a perfect world we could just wait until common sense, reason and our benevolent justice system prevail. But if you really think about it, what minority group or any group of people throughout history for that matter gained their rights without raising some fists. fuck that noise. if you want respect from someone who wants to treat u like a punk, ur gonna have to make em respect u the hard way. and once u have it, you protect it. You know why most racists would never spout that shit in a room full of black people, because they would get their asses beat. respect sometimes has to gain a fingerhold through fear of consequence.

  • maki


  • tgbrendaj

    The video has that idiot announcer who uses corny insults to describe the trans-woman. They just don’t get it about why there are transgendered people. Furthermore the asshole who said the insults to her is like many other non-transgendered people, where they think it’s their inalienable right to insult , beat up on, or even kill a transperson. I’m glad she kicked his ass. He deserved it. But she didn’t deserve to be arrested because it was indeed an aggravated reason that triggered her assault on him. Don’t agree? Then you go out and call someone an “asshole” right to their face and see what you get.

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