Reader Asks About Isaiah, We Repond

Former Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington posted a piece on Hufffington Post yesterday. The article – DNA Has Memory: We Are Who We Were – led one reader to ask how we feel about the infamous “faggot flinger” getting space at HuffPo.

Writes the concerned culture consumer: “Is it newsworthy that the Huffington Post has chosen to give Isaiah Washington a platform to spout off? It certainly decreases my respect for the site.” There are two aspects of this query which deserve consideration…

One, is it newsworthy: yes, but only insofar that Washington’s inflammatory past propelled him into a nebulous region of celebrity: not a train wreck, not a mainstream icon, but an actor with a infamous past. That past still haunts him today, so, yes, it makes his HuffPo appearance “newsworthy,” although only in terms of celebrity news and definitely not as “newsworthy” as, say, Heath Ledger’s death, an event that became the news story of the world for far too long.

Now, the second part: whether Washington’s post discredits HuffPo. We say no – the press exists to give people platforms, even those with scandalized pasts. And, quite frankly, we enjoyed Washington’s piece. It’s a personal journey with universal appeal, although swerves into narcissistic territories toward the end. Not that we’d expect anything less from Mr. Washington.

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  • Paul Raposo

    “Now, the second part: whether Washington’s post discredits HuffPo. We say no – the press exists to give people platforms, even those with scandalized pasts.”

    I’ll believe that when HuffPo give Michael Richards front page space for an article.

    All this shows is that the liberals at HuffPio only care about homophobia when it’s coming from a conservative–libs always het a pass on their anti-gay attitudes.

  • chromatic

    IMNSHO, HuffPo has already lost it’s credibility, and is fast on it’s way to becoming a cross between the pablum of CNN and celebretard gossip of Perez Hilton. A sample of stories from their main news feed in the past 2 days that lead me to believe the end is nigh:

    – Pregnant Nicole Kidman Dresses Sheer Promoting ‘Compass’ In Japan
    – New And Improved HuffPollstrology: Candidates’ Horoscopes, Polls And More For February 20
    – Lindsay’s Mom: Nude Marilyn Shoot Was Tasteful Art
    – Kirstie Alley Launching Own Weight-Loss Company
    – The Correlation Between Men’s Happiness And Their Endowments

    Dick size, Arianna? Really?

  • ggreen

    I have read Huffington Post since it premiered and commented there regularly. Now there is a movement by its editors to let anyone that can type have a post there. My Favorite was one about stupidity helping with weight loss. Huffingt5on Post is getting more like the NY Post everyday. Mixed in with the garbage and increasingly harder to find are great posts by David Sorita, Arrianna Huffington, Eric Bohlert and other progressive bloggers. Unfortunately they are getting lost among the crap. HuffPo used to have great media commentary then they hired Rachel Sklar who’s only interested in being in on the cocktail weenie circuit and kissing the establishment media’s fat asses.

  • Jack Jett

    Here is the real pisser. They will not allow anyone to post any comments that are negative to Washington on the site. Not even a simple …Why this man?

    Remember that Arianna Huffington was once married to a gay man and probably still has some resentment. No one that was gay friendly would allow the lowlife scum sucking shithole to post his views about DNA or anything.

  • Vince

    In addition to being once married to a gay guy, she was also a Republican. Hence – The Post trash side of Site.

  • Vince

    her site.

  • lj

    Speaking of being gay and republican, did you know that Isaiah Washington played a gay republican in the movie “Get on the Bus”.

    Seems like he should have channeled that character while he still had a job on Grey’s!

  • Mr C

    The sad thing about thing about WHITE gays and Isaiah Washington is simply this……..You are HYPOCRITES! Once again all this Man said was “NO IT DID NOT HAPPEN, NO I DID NOT CALL T.R KNIGHT A FAGGOT” And the WHITE gay world went FRANTIC with the WHITE based GLAAD calling for his firing. Why GLAAD and the other organizations are not asking Gays to stop calling each other in the bars “FAG”, “PUNK”, “COCK SUCKER” and etc. talk about people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    The bottom line is this it was never proven that he called T.T Knight a FAG to his face…NEVER Fuck Katherine Heigl she only became his friend after she realized he was Gay and he wasn’t given her any dick. GET OVER IT.

    So if the HuufPo allows him to write a column so be it. You just don’t read it!
    Maybe the gay community one day will get the respect and acceptance from the Heterosexual, religious, and Political communities. When we can accept each other regardless of our race. We can’t tell someone don’t be bias towards us when we are BIAS towards each other.

    Enough said!

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