We got a letter from a 22-year-old Jersyboy calling us out on our recent love for Hillary Clinton. The kid has us reconsidering our position towards both Hil and Al.

I’m not going to pontificate about my personal opinion of Mrs. Clinton, because of course everyone is entitled to theirs (though I find her stance against both a constitutional ban on gay marriage and for full marriage equality reason enough to remove this post). I can assure you, however, that your blog carries a certain amount of sway with our people (it’s rarely political in nature [which is why I love it so] but when you do give political comment that rarity adds an additional weight of importance), and I would urge you to substantiate your support for her a little better. Many people have come out against Rove, earlier, and more eloquently than Clinton, who mainly sticks to ad hominem attacks on Rove instead of actually taking on the mistakes the Republicans have made. It would be naive to say that Hilary doesn’t have her eye on the prize in 2008 (just check the bitch’s page), and I haven’t heard any candidate for 2008 mentioned with more certainty than she by political pundits, and people whose opinion actually counts for something (e.g. Arianna Huffington or Jon Stewart.

I believe that there are many other candidate’s that will support us, and America better; Al Gore for example. So Al Gore may no longer be Fitness Magazine’s “Dream Man,” but you have to admit the man has appeal: from making headlines at Sundance for his indie doc about Global Warming, to sending in his own private planes to airlift people out of New Orleans during Katrina (I think Bush’s most memorable achievement has been to under fund the recovery program and have a big ol’ bitch of a mom who said something about “this[the evacuation] is working out rather well for them[non-ex-Connecticut-Texan-transplant-fu!*tards], to delivering a beautiful and under-covered speech against Bush’s egregious violation of the constitution with domestic wiretapping to his comments on furthering equality for gays “I just think we’ve come to the point in our nation’s history where it’s time to take that step. It’s indefensible. Let’s just leave people alone and stop discriminating against them because of who they fall in love with.”

Ok, so maybe I got a little into waxing poetic about Gore, but my point is, I’d either like to see some real reason we should take your word for being cool with Hil, so that we don’t end up with another Democrat who exploits our vote and then leaves us out in the cold, or just drop some more awesome Fred Phelps mockery!

Much love, you guys and Panda Cam make my procrastination possible,

Carl Kunda

(a 22 year old gay boy from Jerzee, a demographic that needs your guidance
in the upcoming elections to avoid apathy and disenfranchisement)

Al Gore is back [VC Reporter]
In Martin Luther King Day address, Gore compares wiretapping of Americans to surveillance of King [The Raw Story]

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