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Real World’s Ryan Leslie Is Sorry for Tweeting Mean Things About Gays. But Stop Calling Him One

After spending the beginning of Real World: New Orleans saying terrible things about gays, cast member Ryan Leslie started using his Twitter account to mirror his attitude in real time. But after hearing from the gay blogs and GLAAD, Leslie says he’s sorry — hitting “submit” on the above tweet on Monday. So what’d he follow it up with?

Engaging in a childish Twitter war with some random. Glad to see Mr. Leslie has gotten over people calling him gay.

(Read from the bottom up)

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  • Britney

    “… but stop calling hime one.”

    Does anyone at Queerty even bother to proofread anymore?

    I guess David got Trent to start editing this too.

  • Xtincta

    10 times WORST?….so he’s homophobic and he lacks a proper understanding of the English language, how charming.

  • Sean

    Here’s a recent example of his command of English as well. Aloud? A loud mouth for sure!


    “I’m not homophobic!! And even if I were I would be aloud to be! So chill out
    1:33 PM Jul 23rd via Twitter for BlackBerry®

  • TonyD

    Queerty, you’re just as guilty of bullying as this child is. Grow up and find a new civil tactic of handling this matter.

  • Pip

    i don’t know if ryan leslie is attacking that guy or trying to hit on him.

  • James T.

    This Ryan kid sounds completely insane, as do most homophobes…but he perfectly captures the image of homophobia. They are ignorant. They are uneducated. They have rage. They have anger and it comes out in a hilarious way for the rest of us logical folks who can look at them and laugh. Congrats Homophobia…THIS is your poster child! Enjoy it!

  • avian robles

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  • PopSnap

    @Avian Robles

    Please. No. Just, don’t.

  • Niki

    Aurosan is one of the mods of the gossip blogs ohnotheydidnt – hes also openly gay.

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