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Reese Rideout Will Teach You How To Be A Stripper

On Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, the Canadian OUTtv series where homosexuals are followed around as they attempt a new career or something, best friends Rob Easton (a journalist) and Sean Horlor (an actor and author of drug tome Made Beautiful by Use) decide what they really want to be in life are strippers. So producers call up gay-for-pay porn star Nick Dent, better known to fans as Reese Rideout, to provide a few lessons in working the stage. The takeaway: If you bring an umbrella on stage, you better be prepared to use it. That, and there’s some confusion about whether male strippers are supposed to show their members?

(Videos possibly NSFW)

[flv: 650 400]

[flv: 650 400]

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  • VagrantMan

    Why can’t Logo show quality programming like this? This is the type of reality I’d like to see instead of a bunch of no talent caddy gays walking the streets of NY.

  • gregger

    so the Canadians get this and we get that miserable Reichen and his coterie of miserable queens.

  • JAW

    LOL… Vagrant and Gregger… You stole my line… (but I guess Great minds Think alike)

    I hope the folks at Logo see this and wake up… A list needs to die a quick death and pic this show up

  • Viktor

    Amen. To all of what you guys said. ^^^ hahaha

  • Casey

    I agree Logo sucks, nobody wants to watch Rupaul’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Drag Race or Buffy the Vampire.

  • Shofixti

    Any Torrent info for non-Canadians?

  • Simon

    Nick is so cool with being str8 and one of the best g4p porn actor. I wouldn’t mind watching tvshow with him teaching gay Kama Sutra ;)

  • scott ny'er

    OK. THAT was HOT!!! Yay Queerty for this. (and I don’t say that often)

    Both amateur strippers were hot as well but I dug Rob’s performance.

    Reese oozes sex. I don’t know if it’s a show, if he practices it so much that it’s now natural, or if it’s natural but his voice is all seductive and he does have those seductive bedroom eyes throughout. Reese/Nick… this just made me a fan.

  • alan brickman

    Amazing..don’t be jealous!!

  • Oh boy


  • gerry

    What I noticed right away was, during the critiques, Reese sat close to the first guy, leaned in and even touched his back while with the second guy, he leaned back and never got close. Hmmm…

  • scott ny'er

    @gerry: Yep. Totally noticed that too. He was much more flirty with the 1st dude. But, remember Reese is straight.

  • Enron

    Nick Dent – One of, in fact probably the best rear-end on a man I have ever seen. The things I would do just to feel and bury face between those cheeks. On top of that fantastic body and handsome face.

  • divkid

    is this reese the str8 guy?
    bitch puh-leese
    i swear i could hear the sound of him bumping down every last rung of that kinsey scale.
    (poor deluded wife weeps)

    hawt bodies!
    though butter face strikes again!

    also ewww reese looked a bit like marc almond offof the 80’s. a reference i shouldn’t know, wat wit’me beeyin so yun n’ ting….holla!
    must be a past life regression memory. yeah thats it.

    but, dayum cant get reese’s ass out of my head. or the tatoo guys bod…

    on balance i would. but insist on ski masks.

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Dear Queerty, could you PLEASE stop celebrating the gay-for-pays and other hypocrites who exploit our community? Thanks.

  • Shofixti

    @Adonis-of-Fire: I’d like a step-by-step play for exactly how gay-for-pay is an exploitation of a queer community.

  • Steven

    @Casey: Um…Rupaul’s Drag Race is on of Logos most viewed television programs. So clearly people DO want to see that particular type of show.

    Explain to me what exactly is so wonderful about this featured show beyond the fact that you get partial male nudity.

  • hephaestion

    Why doesn’t LOGO have stuff like this instead of stupid old non-stop Buffy reruns?

  • TheJaylyne

    I watched this episode. Pretty good:)

  • GetBalance

    I’m cancelling LOGO.

  • jake

    Reese’s speech and mannerisms don’t seem so “straight” to me. Looks like there is a little sugar there. I bet he enjoys his work.

  • jake

    Looks like there is a little sugar in Reese, speech, mannerisms, eye contact all seems a little less than pure hetero. I bet he likes his job.

  • Tony

    @Steven: These two guys go and learn a new stereotypical “gay” job every episode. I downloaded a few episodes and it’s obvious that this show combats LGBT stereotypes instead of reinforcing them. Drag Race and A List promote the same old tired gay stereotypes. Logo should be airing shows like this one.

  • Evan

    @Shofixti: Amen Adonis, Amen!!!

  • Blake J


    Support of all things “queer”, comes from mostly the “queer” community and some women who “fetishize” “queer” content.

    We should support members of the community that do the same sort of work and not give out money to those who dabble for financial gain.

    If the gay-for-pay men also actively support equality causes, etcetera then we should support them without question, but most of them at the end of the day just go back to their hetero-normative lives, after work.

    Though I agree with Jake that “”Reese Rideout” is not a Kinsey 0!

  • redball

    Now Reese is tutoring gay gogo dancers in intimate private lessons?

    That seems a LOT more homo-intimate to me than any gay porn Reese could ever do. Are we sure he’s gay (only) for pay?

    Anything for them dolla-dolla bills, I guess, huh Reese-y baby? Hah!

  • Franky

    What city are they doing this in? Because depending on where in Canada they are, male strippers do a lot more than just show their members.

  • justnow

    @Shofixti: it shows that straight men are more attractive and wanted than actual gay men sexuality, emotionally, etc. as a partner

  • Josh

    @Franky: It’s in Vancouver. Celebrities is a very well known gay club around this area.

  • AxelDC


    It’s on HereTV! in the US, which is a much better, commercial-free, subscription version of Logo.

  • AxelDC

    @Franky: The show is filmed in Vancouver.

  • AxelDC

    @justnow: Either Reese is a great actor or he’s lying about being straight.

    If he were a great actor, he wouldn’t be doing gay porn for 4 years.

    BTW, I saw him on “The Lair”. Let’s just say he shouldn’t expect an Emmy.

  • Shofixti

    @Blake J:
    You speak of porn as if it’s some noble humanitarian act. If you have a c0ck or an @ss at the ready, I don’t see why it’s the porn producer’s job to interrogate and enact restrictions upon an actor because of an absrtact notion of binary-or-otherly-distributed sexuality. You f*ck for money, or you don’t – it’s actually that simple.

    If you truly want to queerspeak then you have to accept that there is no real gay identity inside anyone to be discovered or employed, there are only representations of power.

    The ‘desire of straight men’ is your interpretation of what you see. Why can’t it just be that there are a heck-of-a-lot more straight men than gay. There are a lot of hot straight men. And that it’s just statistically likely that any profession that employs mostly men will have some straight men in its workforce.

    Judging and restricting texts (porn) because of possible interpretations is a huge, massive, supermassive threat to free-speech and action.

    Also – do gay mean really want straight men as (civil) partners in reality, or is there a certain exotic fantasy to the unobtainable that might fit this pattern better and in a less threatening way to you?

  • gruffdan

    are you paying attention Logo?

  • Joe Momma

    This guy is straight? What’s with all the lisping? Not fooling me…

  • Derek Williams

    hot! and if straight men are so unthreatened by us that they see a viable career path in gay porn, then so much the better

  • balehead

    Like I said..alot of lazy jealous on here!!

  • fredo777

    @Casey: “I agree Logo sucks, nobody wants to watch Rupaul’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Drag Race”

    Calling bullshit on that one. Plenty of folks (gay + otherwise) love Ru’s show, with good reason. There are some very talented queens on there.

  • fredo777

    I also have to call bullshit on this all-too-often heard griping over gay-for-pay porn. I watch g4p porn, just like I watch military porn, fetish porn, bear porn, black porn, latino porn, twink porn, daddy porn, etc. I don’t see why everything has to be politicized. If the guy on screen is hot + plays into a particular fantasy, so be it. In this case, the “taboo” of a guy who should be off limits. Every porn video plays into some kind of fantasy, which is the entire point. Whether or not every gay porn model is gay really doesn’t matter to me, as there are still gay guys who work in the industry + get paid for having sex on screen. I think a lot of you are reading way too much into it.

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