Religious Right To Use Official Senate Space To Call For Adoption of Russian Homophobia

U.S. Capitol buildingNever a group to shy away from homophobia and the violence that accompanies it, a bunch of religious right leaders will descend upon the U.S. Capitol tomorrow to argue that the U.S. should look to Russia as the model for gay rights. The symposium, titled “Family Policy Lessons From Other Lands: What Should America Learn?”, sounds innocent enough (well, not really), but as HRC points out, the bios of the speakers tip it off as a Putin love-in. Three of the four panelists have traveled to Russia to fuel the homophobic fires there; the fourth just thinks Russia is “a dream.”

Exactly what the group expects to accomplish is unclear. But the truly disturbing part is that the session is being held in official Senate office space.

By the way, the group hosting the effect, the World Congress of Families, will be having an international meeting next year. No points for guessing it will be at the Kremlin.




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  • Taliaferro

    There will never be an end to homophobic bigotry as long as such people remain. That would government buildings can be used for such purpose is a shame and Congress should adopt strict guidelines about such matters.

  • Kiwi

    Taliaferro: You are SO RIGHT. Homophobia is alive and well in the USA, Russia and with all of the so-called Religious people. In my career as a church organist, when a new minister, Vicar, or other so-called leader of a church, he or she were told that I was a very good organist and that I was gay. How so-called Christian is that????


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