Renato Seabra’s Brutal Slaying Of Carlos Castro Was Even More Violent Than You Thought

Portuguese model Renato Seabra, who is “not gay anymore!,” didn’t just bash journalist-activist Carlos Castro’s face into a hotel television on Friday while killing him. Nor did he merely take a wine corkscrew to Castro’s testicles and castrate him. In new court papers, prosecutors say Seabra also strangled Castro, snapping part of his neck, and stomped on his head so forcefully coroners found shoe imprints on his face. The brutality of murder, to which Seabra confessed, might make it hard for Seabra’s counsel to claim self-defense, or even put together a “gay panic” defense (Seabra says he was sleeping with Castro only for his money and fame, not because he loved him). Prosecutors will show the attack didn’t just last a few minutes, but went on for an agonizing amount of time, with Castro ultimately dying in a pool of his own blood, his face bludgeoned and his scrotum detached from his body.