Rhett Butler Caught Snapping Under-Stall Photos In East Texas Wal-Mart Men’s Bathroom, Doesn’t Give A Damn

Devin Rhett Butler

Just in case you needed yet another reason not to shop at Wal-Mart, a male employee at a Kilgore, Texas store has been arrested for allegedly snapping under-stall pictures of another guy in the bathroom.

27-year-old Devin Rhett Butler’s mother must have been a huge Gone With the Wind fan. We wonder how she feels about her son’s recent run-in with the law.

Butler, nicknamed the “Wal-Mart Bathroom Creeper,” was arrested and charged with improper photography yesterday after the male victim reported the incident to police. According to him, he was minding his own business when he noticed Butler holding a cellphone underneath the stall. The man quickly zipped up his pants and chased after Butler but was unable to catch him.

According to Butler’s Facebook profile, he’s been an employee at Wal-Mart since 2005. When managers learned of his bad bathroom behavior, they promptly fired him.

Wal-Mart has since released the following statement regarding the incident:

As soon as management became aware of the situation, we contacted law enforcement and the associate was terminated. We are continuing to look into this, but what from what we have learned at this time, it appears to be an isolated incident.

Improper photography is a state jail felony in Texas. Butler hasn’t released a statement in response to his arrest, but if it did, we’d like to think it went something like this:

“Jail? Ha! Bring it on, bitches. Lock me up. I’m not concerned. Frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn.”

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