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Richard Socarides Is Thrilled Republicans Will Support The Gays But, Uh, Knows They Won’t

HEY U GUYZ!! Richard Socarides, firmly inserted in his war room at Equality Matters, thinks Republicans are totally seeing the light and starting to fall for the homosexuals. Pointing to useless people like Ken Mehlman and Laura Bush (and useful people like Ted Olson), Socarides says he’s a “glass half-full” person when it comes to Republicans getting on board with LGBTs. There might even be a Republican presidential candidate who supports gay marriage, though Richy is “not going to tell you who it is” (Fred Karger?). Except, uh, then he points to all the Republicans in the House that are going to make it “extremely unlikely in the next two years we’ll get any important gay rights legislation through Congress.” So I guess I’m not sure what he’s so excited about? Is it the opportunity to let Republicans off the hook?