Rickshaw Puller Videotaped Having Sex With Indian Professor Tried Burning Himself to Death

Irfan, the male rickshaw puller videotaped having sex with the Indian university professor Dr. Srinivas Ramachandra Siras (pictured), who was found dead in April under still-unexplained circumstances, tried to burn himself to death on Friday.

Irfan’s wife managed to save him from a death by self-immolation, but he’s badly burnt.

The shame he’s feeling after being tied in February to Siras, who was booted from and then reinstated as the chairman of the Modern Indian Languages department at Aligarh Muslim University in India, after the pair were caught on tape having sex, must be enormous. And being denigrated in the press must be excruciating. But then there’s the repeated allegations of police brutality.

Irfan says constant harassment by the police in the last several months, finally drove him to take the extreme step. His only crime was that he was found having sex with Professor Siras of the prestigious AMU in February, for which he says he was promised money.

[…] Aligarh Muslim University Teacher’s Association (AMUTA) had demanded a high-level probe into the alleged suicide of Siras, who was placed under suspension by AMU Vice Chancellor P K Abdul Aziz on charges of homosexuality at his house inside the campus after a sting operation by a television channel. The Allahabad High Court revoked the suspension and ordered his reinstatement after he filed an appeal against the university action.

Immediately, the police pointed the needle of suspicion at Irfan and he was picked-up twice and questioned. Then again, for no apparent reason, he was picked up for the third time barely two weeks ago and was kept in the lockup for three nights, where Irfan was allegedly beaten severely.

Are the police looking to pin the murder of 64-year-old Dr. Siras on Irfan? Or are the powers that be at Aligarh Muslim University, who some allege were involved in the videotaping scandal, influencing authorities’ investigation with the hope of getting the gay to take the fall?

And this is the first time I’ve heard Irfan say he was expecting payment for his sexual activities, lending credence to the theory he was just doing it for the money and not because he’s actually gay.


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  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Man, reading stories like this, really, really makes me grateful to live in the U.S., even if I do loathe at least half our population. Thank you fate!!!!

  • Michael

    “Man,” is right! There’s probably more to this story, but, they must be starving for TV programming to set this up. Glad to know the U.S. does not have exclusive rights to bad form.

  • Kieran

    Can’t blame the homophobia in India on Christianity. These people worship gods with 8 arms and 15 legs. Like all homophobes though, they thrive in ignorance and are hopelessly backwards.

  • Michael

    @Kieran: Well, one can never have too many legs, save the insect kingdom, of course.

  • Kev C

    A large part of this is due to the shame of videotaped sex made public. India is one of many countries that strongly condemn public indecency, yet also has a prurient celebrity culture that is hypocritically voyeurestic, much like the USA. If these were two nobodys who did this .. nobody would care.

  • Kevin

    @Kieran: I think you actually can blame the homophobia on Christianity, actually. Not that the homophobes are Christian, but the homophobia in most non-western cultures can mostly be attributed to the importation of European morality during the colonial period. Indians were more or less fine with homosexual activities until the British came along and “taught” them that it was barbaric.

  • Jeffree

    Dead professor dude taught at a *Muslim* university…..Why are we focusing on hindu gods with too many arms or christianity? Both are relevant, probably, but ——imagine here in US a LDS Mormon male professor taped having sex with a male cabdriver, and the prof ends up dead and the driver severely burned.

    Where would you investigate first? The Jehovahs Witnesses and the Catholics?

    Uh, no.

  • L.

    @Jeffree: Well, in that case, I’d personally investigate Mel Gibson (with possible aiding and abetting by Whoopi Goldberg) but that’s probably because I’ve listened to too many news lately.

  • Dame Helga von Ornstein

    I would have preferred to have seen the tape so I can draw my own conclusions. Now, after seeing that this professor clearly is no spring chicken, I can’t help but wonder what does the driver look like.

    At least a few months ago the tape with the Brazilian priest having sex with a VERY well hung young man of mixed race was made available. Wow! I sure wish I were that priest.

  • Jack E. Jett

    That is some fucked up shit!

  • Michael

    @Kev C: Which begs the question, are these two people “somebody” special?

  • Jeffree

    @Michael #12:
    Are they “special”? Depends on your frame of reference: Are they Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert special? Nope.
    Are they specially indicative of the violence reserved for MSM around the world? Why, yes they are!

  • Tallskin

    Actually whilst british colonialism obviously has had some effect on Indian culture, the brits made homosexuality a criminal offence, and the indians aped the victorian social and sexual mores of their rulers, the problem of indian prurience goes back further.

    Do you know the Karma Sutra, some of the sexual statues on Hindu Temples etc? Well, if you’ve ever wondered what happened to this sexual openness, one word explains what happened to it: Islam.

    The muslims invaded India several times from the 11th century onwards, sacking the buddhist and hindu temples and monasteries, intent on plundering as much gold and wealth as they could carry away. They made a particular aim of destroying religious symbols and temples. They carried away into captivity thousands of captives.

    But eventually the muslim overlords imposed themselves as a new ruling class on the smashed and destroyed culture.

    It is from this time, around the 14th century onwards that islamic sexual mores became Indian. The brits were johnny cum latelies

  • Xtian99

    wow- those Indians realy take the whole “flaming” thing seriously…

  • Kev C

    @Michael: Not really, but sex scandals are big in India. How many american celebrities are plain nobodys? Don’t answer that.

  • Michael

    @Jeffree: Are Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert more special than any other human being? Not to me, no.

  • Jeffree

    @Michael: # 17. Well, then you just answered your own question with your own logic. Hey, at least you’re consistent.

    Bravo! No need for any more explanations from me! Or anyone else, since you’ve made up your mind that either all of us –or none of us– are special.


    @Jeffree: 100% Co-sign. somehow it would be the fault of the “Gay” guy. (because he was the one who obviousley coerced the other one…………..)

    And I am not too sure we would have any cabdriver sex scandals/burnt offerings dramas in the US (or at least in NYC) because have you taken a eva whiff of one of those folks????

  • NattAstonouro

    It must always be borne in mind that the reason why these rents are so high is not exactly better infrastructure on the Island – there is certainly no difference when using the rest of your country – but the perception that the Island could be the house with the elite, and for numerous expatriates there is certainly the cluster advantage and closeness to the embassies. There is also a measure of improved security.

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