Irfan, the male rickshaw puller videotaped having sex with the Indian university professor Dr. Srinivas Ramachandra Siras (pictured), who was found dead in April under still-unexplained circumstances, tried to burn himself to death on Friday.

Irfan’s wife managed to save him from a death by self-immolation, but he’s badly burnt.

The shame he’s feeling after being tied in February to Siras, who was booted from and then reinstated as the chairman of the Modern Indian Languages department at Aligarh Muslim University in India, after the pair were caught on tape having sex, must be enormous. And being denigrated in the press must be excruciating. But then there’s the repeated allegations of police brutality.

Irfan says constant harassment by the police in the last several months, finally drove him to take the extreme step. His only crime was that he was found having sex with Professor Siras of the prestigious AMU in February, for which he says he was promised money.

[…] Aligarh Muslim University Teacher’s Association (AMUTA) had demanded a high-level probe into the alleged suicide of Siras, who was placed under suspension by AMU Vice Chancellor P K Abdul Aziz on charges of homosexuality at his house inside the campus after a sting operation by a television channel. The Allahabad High Court revoked the suspension and ordered his reinstatement after he filed an appeal against the university action.

Immediately, the police pointed the needle of suspicion at Irfan and he was picked-up twice and questioned. Then again, for no apparent reason, he was picked up for the third time barely two weeks ago and was kept in the lockup for three nights, where Irfan was allegedly beaten severely.

Are the police looking to pin the murder of 64-year-old Dr. Siras on Irfan? Or are the powers that be at Aligarh Muslim University, who some allege were involved in the videotaping scandal, influencing authorities’ investigation with the hope of getting the gay to take the fall?

And this is the first time I’ve heard Irfan say he was expecting payment for his sexual activities, lending credence to the theory he was just doing it for the money and not because he’s actually gay.


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