Seek Out Homos To Stop Out Homos

Riga Homophobes Confused

Riga, Latvia’s queers are gearing up for this weekend’s gay pride event. And so are their mortal enemies, the homo-hating non-profit, No Pride! Not only have they taken to the streets to urge the government to put an end to the festival’s gay ways, but they’re sending emails to rally more troops. Unfortunately, they’re targeting the wrong people: us. We just received this note from No Pride preacher, Reverend Vadim Privedenyuk:

Please, make sure you help people of Latvia!

Latvia is the country that oppose same-sex marriage. The constitution of Latvia clearly says that. If you are one of those, who support NATURAL FAMILY (not same-sex family), you can count on our support in the future…


And we’re not the first Americans the No Priders have attempted to enlist.

UK Gay News reports that although homo-haters have been urging foreign folk to stay away, they’ve allegedly invited former American football player Reverend Ken Hutcherson to join the fun. You may recall that Hutcherson came under FBI fire after claiming the White House sent him to Riga as the “Special Envoy for Adoptions, Family Values, Religious Freedom, and Medical Relief”. What kind of bullshit bullshit title’s that? If you’re going to say the White House sent you on a special mission, at least try to make it believable.

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  • Mr. Yura Menshikov.


    My name Yura Menshikov 37 years and i am the work of Christian Liberal Party of Ukraine.
    I believe in uncompromise Word of God i confess with my pils that Jesus Christ is Lord! Which is sitting on the right hand of Almighty God!
    My wife was barren but we bilieved God and started affirming in our life that ” We were curedby the wounds of Jesus thert he suffered our sickness and discases.”. Every day i laid on my hands on the obdomen belly of my wife and affirming ” Blessed the foetus of your belly ” and 1 years later we hat got a child son Vadim.

    Thank Jesus Christ!

    We believed that God gave us power on every situation in our life as was written.
    ” I give the power to banish demons by my name to clear the lepers to cure the invalids to raise from the dead” .
    And every day we are standing in prayer and we are begging got about anointing of the holy Chost to perform all that.

    In one of thwe small towns of Ukraine se saw that in this town know that God want us to be cured. We saw that this towh hadnit any church of living faith as ” New Generation” and God called is to serve himin this town to confess the Gods Word and God want throughus to found the church of living faith to full all the town with neon advertisements like ” Jesus Christ is Lord” or as was written the messenge for Romans 10.9-10.
    I am a member of the Christian Liberal Party of Ukraine. I wish business like christian were at the head posts of Ukraine and i wish they confirmed the christian principles in our country.

    I am work of prison ministries of my country and search politic partner and International Advocat help a my christian ministries. I am will made a my country christian government and enter my country a member NATO and delete the politic of Russia.

    My contact phone.
    +38 096 484 42 36

    My postal adress.
    Mr. Yura Menshikov.
    Christian Liberal Party of UKraine.
    2-97 Chkalova street.
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    Ukraine. 94400.

    God bless you!

    Mr. Yura Menshikov.
    Christian Liberal Party of Ukraine.

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