Fevered Fears

Right-Wing Panel Worries About “Boy-On-Boy Contact” If BSA Ban Is Lifted

Not content to being tarnished with accusations of racism, the right-wing Heritage Foundation is expanding the horizons of bigotry by spreading some truly offensive homophobic arguments about gays in the Boy Scouts. Heritage hosted a panel discussion this week on repealing the Boy Scout ban that feature a panoply of nutty, creepy and just plain disgusting comments about the imaginary harm repealing the ban would cause.

Matthew Spalding, a vice president of American studies at Heritage, alleged that gay Scouts would erode boys’ “understanding of fatherhood,” their “character formation,” as well as their development into “upright young men.” (Funny how those Freudian slips always make themselves known.)

To round out the conversation, Heritage invited a few more folks from the rabid right to press their case. The wildest remarks came from John Stemberger, who has started a group called OnMyHonor.Net to prevent the pernicious influence of gays in the Scouts.

Stemberger warned darkly that a Scout official told him that repealing the ban would “increase boy-on-boy contact” and make it impossible to regulate “innuendo…and symbols…and everything that comes as part of the gay culture.” Whether Stemberger took a cold shower to calm down after his remarks was not reported.

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