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RNC Picks Next Bigoted Leader Today!

Some 168 delegates get to choose the next chairperson of the Republican National Commitee today. You might think that with Michael Steele trailing in support (just 24 votes are a definite lock for him going into the vote), a regime change might usher in a new era of conservative politics. Hah! Reince Priebus, the current chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party (and former Steele adviser), is in the lead with 44 votes, according to Politico‘s count. But no matter who wins, remember all of these folks want to keep queers in their place as second-class citizens. Luckily it’s really the chairman’s job to raise cash, and not always dictate policy and strategy; that honor goes to operators working behind the scenes. Who also hate you.

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  • SouthSideShorty

    So much for the liberal compassion of Queerty. This isn’t a news bite as much as it is a purely vicious, hate-motivated attack on a man who’s never done anything negative toward us.

    Perception: All Republicans hate gays and are therefore evil.

    Reality: Ever talked to a black democrat? They have far more disdain for you and me than anyone with an R behind their name. Don’t believe it? Look at the gay-rights record of the Congressional Black Caucus. The KKK didn’t have as much contempt for any group as the CBC does for us. Are they entitled to their opinion? Of course — but so are the GOP, whose members are much likelier to champion our issues.

    Try to be a little less sycophantic in your politics and you might actually find yourselves enlightened to ideas that aren’t so black and white.

  • justiceontherocks

    @SSS – You rail against generalizations than make one yourself about black Democrats.

    All the candidates to be head of RNC have spent considerable energy pandering to very anti-gay sentiments. They richly deserve the opprobium they got.

  • John (CA)

    Actually, the Congressional Black Caucus has an exceptionally good record on gay rights issues. Practically every member of the CBC voted for the Matthew Shepard Act, ENDA, and to repeal DADT.

    This is part of the congressional record.

    It is a fact.

    If you are going to spread misinformation and lies, please try to make it less transparent next time.

  • Soupy

    “but so are the GOP, whose members are much likelier to champion our issues.”

    huh? what?

  • reason

    @SouthSideShorty: Goes to show how delusional that you are, the members of the congressional black caucus are some of the most pro-lgbt members in congress. Not only have many of their members sponsored GBLT legislation they vote for it in percentages much higher than the rest of the congress and their party. Top that off with many of their members are actually members of the the congressional equality caucus, a caucus who’s goals are to advance and better the lives of LBGT citizens. The leader of the congressional black caucus that just stepped down played a role in creating the congressional equality caucus where only one republican has ever been in the caucus and he is no longer in office.

    But you are correct about one member of the congressional black caucus: Allen West republican from Florida like his other republican brethren is extremely anti-gay. He also is an associate of a violent one percent motorcycle club that is known for its hatred of GBLT, Jews, and blacks besides Allen West there personal pitbull.

  • Brian Miller

    Shorty is right. NOBODY is more victimized, oppressed and downtrodden than the poor, targeted, profoundly self-sacrificing leaders of the Republican National Committee.

    Every day, they give their all, selflessly for America, yet they receive no power, influence or pay for this act of pure self-sacrifice, just the contempt of the liberal intelligentsia.

    This is why our news headlines are filled with headlines about the marginalization of Republican leaders. The anti-Republican marriage laws in California, the protests opposing construction of Republican churches in Manhattan, and new laws demanding that people who look like Republicans produce papers proving they’re US citizens.

    NO group of people on EARTH is more victimized and hated by the powers that be than the poor, powerless Republican National Committee.

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