Robert Gibbs Says Obama Is Basically Done Talking About Gays For Awhile

Robert Gibbs, the White House’s chief press whisperer, today for the first time explained why President Obama will not call laws like the Defense of Marriage Act “unconstitutional”: he can’t! That’s only something the courts can do. Like, haha, they did with Obamacare.

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  • christopher di spirito

    Of course he is.

    After all, Obama has a reelection campaign to launch and he can’t be seen as too friendly with “teh gays.” That’s what Clinton had to run away from.

  • Adam

    But I thought Obama loved us.

  • Black Pegasus

    Pretty amazing how this site continues to take pot shots at this President. Yet I didn’t see one gotdamn article about this President as he SIGNED THE REPEAL OF DADT!! Do you bitches remember that ceremony at the White House?? Do you bitches even care?

    Of course you don’t!

  • Gay Republican

    Don’t stop believing in your fierce advocate! Have fun on your DemonRat plantation!

  • tjr101

    @Gay Republican: Isn’t gay republican an oxyMORON?

  • DavyJones

    @Black Pegasus: Actually there were several articles about repeal of DADT; then again since the law is still in effect. There isn’t much of a ‘repeal’ to speak of at the moment is there?

  • chimmy

    @ Sarah Palin, when do we reload for our next president? (since “reload” means to vote)

  • Gay Republican

    @tjr101: No, but you are a complete MORON!

  • Nathan

    @Gay Republican: Gay republicans exist, they’re just Uncle Toms. It’s okay to oppose marriage equality and the repeal of DOMA, as long as these rich queens get their tax breaks and imperialism in the Middle East keeps on truckin. Take it from their own mouths, they believe the GOP platform comes before the well-being of the average GLBT individual in America. Gay youths can stay homeless for all they care, as long as the capital gains tax is kept down and the wealthy get their tax cuts.

  • Jeffree

    We need ENDA. Getting canned just because the boss hates teh gheys is a reality for many of us.

    DADT was a solid step forward but in reality it had impact ONLY on a small % of us LGB people.

    The rest of us need some prot:ection from homophobic employers.

  • Gay Republican

    @Nathan: Enjoy your whining and your Obama, while I enjoy my tax breaks!

  • Dirk Dasteredly

    That’s ok, I’m done voting for him for awhile.

  • SouthSideShorty

    When, exactly, has Brocko Bomba done anything to further the rights of gay people? He has stated he believes marriage is exclusively between man and woman (whoops), and he kept a safe distance from DADT and let the lawmakers take the blame/credit for that one (uh-oh). If ever you poked your head out of your pink bubble, you’d see that just because the man is a far-left Democrat does NOT mean he’s automatically your ally. He treats LGBT issues like they’re highly contageous diseases until his handlers tell him it’s OK to support us.

    Do as our great leader says, my sycophantic friends, not as he does.

    (and no, you morons, it’s not an oxymoron to be a gay Republican, any more that it’s ironic that the Democrats consist mostly of wealthy, heterosexual, white men — the exact demographic that is despised by the Democratic party)

  • justiceontherocks

    Shorty – you were doing OK up until “it’s ironic that the Democrats consist mostly of wealthy, heterosexual, white men”

    I’d like to see some evidence of that. Especially the wealthy part.

  • tjr101

    @SouthSideShorty: You’re being disingenuous if you really think the Democrats are on same par with Republicans when it comes to gay rights. DADT would have never been repealed under a Repug. The Republican party is controlled by the the far-right christian taliban.

    Funny, a gay republican!

    “Democrats consist mostly of wealthy, heterosexual, white men — the exact demographic that is despised by the Democratic party).” The very same demographic that despises the rest of America!

  • Soupy

    A gay republican is the inverse of the old Groucho Marx line. Why would you want to join a club that wouldn’t want you as a member? Is there a big membership in the “Blacks for a return to slavery” club?

  • SouthSideShorty

    Never stated Dems and Reps have a similar agenda, and it seems that some (if not most) gays are striving so hard to be the victim of everything that you’re not seeing the forest for the trees. Republicans as a group don’t hate you, only the RELIGIOUS ones do. The rest don’t sweat it, in my experience (and I know a LOT of republicans). And apparantly short of the president saying, “Fuck off, faggots,” you people will never get it that he just doesn’t like us. Period. It’s not a mystery.

    As for the demographic of Democrats, what . . .? Never heard of a wealthy, straight, white Dem? OK, where to start . . .
    Anyone with the last name Kennedy,
    Anyone with the last name Clinton,
    95% of anyone who’s ever been elected to the US Senate,
    Every Dem US president (even Obama’s half-white),
    Anyone who runs a left-wing website,
    Everyone in the mainstream media,
    Virtually every college professor . . .
    Go ahead and offer up your one-in-a-billion examples of how this isn’t true, but I think the point is obvious.

  • justiceontherocks

    @SouthSideShorty: you said Democrats consist mostly of wealthy heterosexual white men: then you give us examples of elected officials. Most democrats are not elected officials. So yes the point is obvious, like most republicans, you enjoy playing fast and loose with the facts.

  • Soupy

    So John McCain objects to gays in the military for religious reasons?

  • Meowzer

    What a coincidence, I’m done caring about Obama for a while.

    To think I voted for someone who might understand the plight of people looking for equal right and tired of being treated like a second class citizens.

    Guess some people forget where their people come from

  • Gay Republican

    The ignorance and stupidity of those complaining about Gay Republicans is breathtaking.

  • Soupy

    The first part of your sentence confirms your screen name.

  • ewe

    The bus is pulling in folks. We are expected to get under it or get run over. I guess Obama doesn’t get my vote.

  • P.

    @Black Pegasus: AMEN. yes, it sucks that he drags his heels on stuff, but when he does something that benefits the gays – give credit where credit is due! he said it would be done under his administration, and he did it.

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