Robin McGeHee + Kip Williams Are Back, And They Brought Will Phillips With Them

Having split from Cleve Jones and the National Equality March’s umbrella group Equality Across America last year, Robin McGehee and Kip Williams haven’t been sitting on their hands. In between meeting with moneyed A-gays, they’ve launched their own project, Get Equal, which is already hawking its wares. It has a mission statement you’ve read a thousand times before from activist groups: “to create a movement of everyday people—lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and straight—who are dedicated to bringing about full legal and social equality.” That’s great! Even greater is this promo video from Will Phillips, the 10-year-old Arkansas school boy who refused to say the pledge of allegiance.

Says Will: “I took a risk and got into a little bit of trouble, but it was for equality. And if we’re going to achieve equality, everyone needs to take a small risk, and maybe get into a little bit of trouble.” Oh god to we want to climb trees with this kid.

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  • AndrewW

    Will is cool. His taking a stand has done a lot to change the cultural conversation.

    But, GetEQUAL is just more of the same, plus t-shirts (nice logo). They are organizing to make angry demands with EVEN MORE marching and shouting.

  • Craig

    Will is great. Attaboys to Will, his Mom & Dad and to CNN’s American Morning tor taking home a GLADD award based on Will’s story.

  • terrwill

    “And a Child shall lead them”…….

  • nikko

    Will, you are incredible. I love you, and would love to have a child as wonderful as you!!! Thank you for your courage!

  • Kieran

    What isn’t mentioned here is that because Will Phillips courageously spoke out in support of gay equality, many of his classmates now assume that he’s gay and have taken to calling him “queer” “fag” and “homo” at school. Slurs that easily intimidate grown adults into keeping silent rather than be thought one of “them”, apparently have had little effect on ten year old Will.

  • Josh NJ

    Will should be promoted. Hi actions were sincere and helpful. GetEQUAL is another JoinTheImpact, EqualityAcrossAmerica or other “grass-roots” HRC-wannabee.

    Find more authentic people like Will and promote them. We don’t need more non-profit nonsense.

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