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Rolling Stone‘s Giles Muhame Would Let His Own Son Be Hanged If He’s Gay

I am confused, I do not understand why people are outraged by us putting those pictures on our magazine page. We did the right thing to show those pictures. The tabloid will win the appeal. We must expose criminals. The homos argued that their right of privacy- had been breached when we published their pictures – but we must reveal these criminals to protect our children, homosexuality is spreading like wildfire and we must stop it. The parliament is trying to strengthen the weak law. … I will have no problem to follow the law. The law is the law. I will give my child to the authorities and will let it be what must be – if he must go to Jail or hang that will be fine if he is homo. If the law is there the homo should be hanged -he will pay the price. They will have to go to prison. … [P]eople call us the Nazis of Africa and the gays are the Jews of Africa. They call themselves that to get sympathy.

—Giles Muhame, editor of Ugandan “Hang Them” newspaper Rolling Stone, sounds even more emboldened since a judge barred him from printing more names of gays [via]

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  • Daez

    Can I hang my child for being straight? I mean, I had such high hopes that little Jimmy would meet a hot, rich, successful man, a cross between NPH and Brent Evrett, a little kinky and a little sweet.

    However, if my kid came out to me and told me he liked to date girls in a way that can only lead to breeding and pedophilia (because all straights are child molesters after all), can I hang him?

    Please, please tell me I can hang my breeder child! After all, we need to protect our children from people that would do them harm like heterosexual pedophiles.

  • Joseph

    This fellow is doing all this for $$$. He’s hoping some conservative American preacher is going to notice him and start supporting him in his efforts. So far it looks as though no one has stepped forward. LOL

  • GregorVonK

    Whatever else he is (or whatever his motivations), he is pondscum. Actually, that’s an insult to pondscum.

  • Kieran

    Atleast he took the bone out of his nose for the picture.

  • redball

    @Kieran: What bone? Or are you simply being racist?

  • scott ny'er

    hmmm… i wonder if he’s religious? And if so, what religion he might have been brainwashed by?

  • Danny

    This is why if the technology of today existed in the 1940’s Nazi Germany would have been sterilized to stop its genocide. Some parts of the world are still evil and genocidal, even after the Holocaust. Far too much of humanity has learned nothing.

  • tallskin2

    I would suggest that this man’s hatred of gays comes from his religious indoctrination.

    Take a child, indoctrinate it with the poison of religion, and you end up with an arsewipe like this man.

    Unless of course the sky pixie apologists on here are now going to argue that religion is nothing to do with this!!!

  • Gerald

    Here in africa it is very easy to be brainwashed because after all people in the west say we are in the 3rd world yet actually we are in the 7th or 10th world,

    We are very comfortable with shifting blame every time something bad happens, The Religious fanatics want us to believe that Its the gays that are a threat to Humanity and the African family,

    I its so visible in Africa that Its Poverty, (which some of it is caused by the churches here Ripping people of their 10th of every thing they earn.) Corruption that is taught to our kids right from childhood, Wars, Diseases and the economic situation that doesn’t allow parents any time with their kids for proper disciplining and loving hence leaving the kids prey to the sexually perverted heterosexuals that defile 97% of our kids.

    Where are the gays in that Picture drawn?

  • Memphis

    This man is a great man who would never EAT DA POO POO!

  • mark

    I know Giles if your little brains tell you that every African who comes out to oppose anything evil is about $$$, then you have not evolved yet.

  • bE

    @Memphis: I bet you eat POO POO

  • Memphis


    Good sir, you have defamed me and put for doubt towards my honor with your BRASH accusations of my being performing such pro POO POO eating actions.

  • Walt

    What a low life, he should be put on a list to be hanged for being black. He was born black and they were born gay. I would prefer to see him cut one cut at a time with a small razor and covered with ants until he dies from the pain. I would hope this would take 5 to 7 days in the hot sun. It would be best also to leave a pail of cool water within inches of his mouth. Nothing could be done to this man that would upset me. I would cheer any disfiguring attack or death and I don’t care if that makes me as bad as him. This is what it is going to take for people to understand we will not take any more. Fight back with your hands, guns, knives, baseball bats. Kill them before they kill you.

  • Memphis

    So walt.. you want this man dead for his discrimination against gays…. because he is black?

    Congrats. It takes a MASSIVE amount of stupid to say things like that.

  • Francis

    Honestly, I believe he doesn’t understand. I usually think these people say things like this playing dumb, but I legitimately believe he thinks he’s doing the right thing by basically trying to eliminate all LGBT folk in his country. And that’s the REAL scary part.

    However, Walt, to say he should be hanged for being black……………just no. Anything you could have said couldn’t be worse than that statement.

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