Ron DeSantis

Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis’ presidential campaign is going so poorly, the gay-hating Florida governor is trying to walk back aspects of his anti-LGBTQ+ record, which has been the cornerstone of his campaign thus far.

In a recent interview with Fox News host Shannon Bream, DeSantis, who’s no longer even the clear No. 2 among the Republican field after Nikki Haley has begun surging in the polls, pushed back against the notion his administration is banning books.

“Well, first of all, there’s not a single book that’s banned in the state of Florida,” he lied. “That is a media hoax.”

Ah yes, the good ol’ media hoax. If that’s the case, then the Florida Department of Education is perpetrating the same alleged smear. A report from the DoE shows about 300 books have, in fact, been removed from schools since 2022.

DeSantis is playing a pedantic game of semantics. While the books in question aren’t banned from the state, they aren’t allowed in school libraries.

Many of the banished books focus on LGBTQ+ issues and promote visibility. Never one to stray too far from his anti-LGBTQ+ message, DeSantis also talked about lessons on gender identity being forced upon kindergarteners.

“We can’t, as a country, succeed if kindergarteners are being taught their gender is a choice or that they can change, they were born in the wrong body. That’s just wrong,” he said.

That is completely made up, by the way. There is no kindergarten curriculum in America that teaches this.

One could also say it’s wrong for DeSantis to stay in the race, because he has no chance in hell of winning. A new poll out of Nevada, an early primary state, shows “Meatball Ron” is garnering barely 20% of Donald Trump‘s support (65% to 13%).

For comparison’s sake, DeSantis was polling over 20% in Nevada this summer.

The numbers are even worse for DeSantis in Michigan, a true bellwether state. Trump currently leads him by 50 points among Republican voters, 63% to 13%.

DeSantis also now trails Nikki Haley in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

It’s already been another dismal week for RDS. On Monday, a court ruled Florida must release its COVID data, after keeping the numbers under wraps since June 2021.

Deliciously, the state’s first out gay Latino lawmaker, Carlos Guillermo Smith, filed the successful suit. (Smith first took office months after the Pulse nightclub shooting, and is now running for state senate.)

That’s more bad news for DeSantis’ futile presidential campaign. He often touts his record during the pandemic, even though it’s largely a myth.

The guy is so desperate for oxygen right now that he’s even granting interviews to MSNBC! How the mighty have fallen… literally in this case. The longer DeSantis stays in, the more ground he loses.

No number of resets can save this mess.

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