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Raising The Barr: Roseanne Scores Presidential Nomination

The 2012 Presidential Election just got a lot, well…louder. Noted actress/comedian/harridan Roseanne Barr has tossed her wig into the race on the Peace and Freedom Party’s ticket.

Roseanne announced her bid for the White House last year on The Tonight Show and originally intended to run under the Green Party, but lost to Dr. Jill Stein last month. Joining Barr on the ballot is Vice Presidential nominee Cindy Sheehan, mother of Iraq war veteran Casey Sheehan.

“The American people are sick and tired of this ‘lesser evil’ garbage they get fed every election year,” Barr said in a statement. “Both the Democrats and the Republicans do the same evils once they’re in office. I’m here to tell the voters: if you want to tell the government and the two domineering parties that you’re sick and tired of all their evil, register in the Peace and Freedom Party and vote for me and Cindy.”

Presidential nominee Barr celebrated her nomination by attending her Comedy Central Roast where host Jane Lynch told ChickFil-A exactly where they can stick their Fil-A, comedian Jeffrey Ross made an off-color joke about the Dark Knight shootings in Colorado and ex Tom Arnold crawled out from whatever rock/prostitute he’d been hiding under to bury the hatchet.

An auspicious beginning if there ever was one, but sadly Roseanne won’t stand a mathematical chance in hell of winning in fall, but will doubtlessly — and boisterously — make her opinions heard and drive membership for the Peace and Freedom Party. [LA Times, CNN]

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  • Scobar

    This is great! Exactly what this country needs! Two mentally unhinged women in the White House! Tell me—where can I cast my vote to make sure the US is taken in the most insane direction ever?

  • Scott in NYC

    A year or so ago, Roseanne Barr circulated a picture of her wearing a Hitler mustache taking out “Burnt Jew” cookies from the oven. Pardon me if I am not an enthusiastic,
    “isn’t she just nutty?” supporter of hers.

  • Daez

    @Scott in NYC: Oh you mean that one in the Jewish magazine, and are you forgetting she is Jewish?

    Perhaps she just does not believe that Jewish people should be subjugating an entire nation in the middle east and getting the United States to fight wars solely on its behalf.

  • Both Clowns

    Some people may just think she’s “kooky” when in reality her behavior over the years has shown she is not a stable woman at all.

  • Scott in NYC

    @Daez: It always amazes me that even when a comment seems pretty undebatable, such as the offense of someone – anyone – wearing a hitler mustache taking out burnt Jew cookies from the oven, there’s always someone willing to take a shot back. I don’t give a rat’s ass if she’s Jewish, or if it’s in a Jewish magazine. Wearing a hitler mustache and taking burnt Jew cookies out of the oven makes her a fucking pig. As far as subjugating an entire nation in teh Middle East – maybe you could take time from your “defend the worst” campaign to explain what nation you are talking about.

  • Guillermo

    Actually Cindy Sheehan’s son Casey never became a veteran because he was killed in Iraq in 2004 in a war for big oil

  • jeff4justice

    @Scobar: Attacks on protestor’s tights, appointing Monsanto to the FDA, drone attacks and medical marijuana user attacks is so much more sane.

  • jeff4justice

    Gee Queerty. You finally cover ONE of the numerous 100% equality supporting, progressive alternative party candidates.

  • Scobar

    @jeff4justice: Don’t blame me—those are Black Jesus Obama’s policies.

  • jack

    Roseanne Barr is the poor man’s Snooki. Yep, she is even dumber and more vulgar than Snooki.


    sigh….oh america….

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