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Rosie O’Donnell gives her profile pic a Steve Bannon makeover and it’s hilarious and terrifying

When asked by a fan on Twitter earlier this week if she would ever consider playing Steven Bannon on SNL, Rosie O’Donnell replied:

This got the rumor mill going. Then yesterday, Rosie changed her official Twitter picture to a photoshopped image of her face on Steve Bannon’s head, and her followers quickly took notice:

We’ve already seen Alec Baldwin play Donald “Easy D” Trump and Melissa McCarthy do a frighteningly authentic Sean Spicer. We’re pretty sure Trump’s sworn nemesis would make an excellent Bannon.

Baldwin is set to host this weekend’s episode and he promised it would be yuge and a real “big deal.” We’re looking forward to seeing if it will include Ms. O’Donnell. Almost as much as we’re looking forward to seeing Donald Trump‘s inevitable 3 AM Twitter meltdown over it.

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