Australian rugby star Israel Folau continues to dig his homophobic heels into the ground, and one royal family member has enough.

Folau, who has Tongan roots, began his antigay crusade last month when he said that God sends gay people to “HELL” unless they repent their homosexual ways.

The rugby association essentially gave him a slap on the wrist in the form of a stern meeting, but no actual consequences resulted.

So Folau went and wrote a lengthy op-ed about his beliefs.

Then this week he put out a video on Twitter featuring evangelical preacher David Wilkerson, who says we’re in an age of “sexual perversions beyond description.”

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For whatever reason, Folau has chosen to make this his “thing”, and more and more voices are speaking up against him.

Including one unlikely one: The Honorable Frederica Tuita Filipe, princess of Tonga.

Homosexuality is illegal in the small constitutional monarchy in the South Pacific, but if Filipe represents the future of the country, it won’t be for long.

She posted a series of tweets regarding Folau’s media campaign.

“Obviously the way we represent our interpretation of God’s word & love is different,” she posted.

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“My silence was my attempt at respecting our different interpretations but I fear by doing that I’m encouraging the marginalization of a group of people I love & serve as much as any other Tongan.”

She said it’s the job of Christians to offer “love, respect, humility and inclusion” to all people.

“You’ve worked hard to be in a position of leadership, I was born into mine,” she said.

“I’ve seen how forgiveness, love & inclusion bring people closer to God. I hope the trials you face give you the strength to open your heart & mind to differing views.”

See the full thread below:

Other prominent rebuttals include this segment from Karl Stefanovic on Australia’s popular The Today Show:

Last month, out athlete Simon Dunn posted this “victory kiss” in response to Folau’s comments:

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