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  • dkmagby

    It was interesting that Roxxxy and Coco were so threatened by Jade and her insecurities. It really showed how these girls have really overcompensated with their bickering to cover up their vulnerabilities. Which became pretty obvious with Roxxxy’s breakdown. Which she perfectly timed to survive this week. I feel bad Alaska missed her opportunity but she did screw herself over by going first. I am pleasantly surprised Jinkx is starting to look like a real contender. I’ve seen her other work and that queen is waaaay overqualified for this show.


    Whoever came up with that headline is, quite simply, B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T. (And I’ve written quite a few in my time.) BRAVO! (And Very Punny!) ;)

  • Snapper59

    I wasn’t satisfied to see both stay. Ru’s had to make some tough decisions, she sent Latrice Royal home after all. I remember first season she was so upset at having to send Ongina home she had to leave the set then compose herself and come back and do it. Buckle up!

  • Cam

    We could tell that Ru was going to give Coco the win because Jinx and Alaska were really laying some funny jokes and Jinx had some amazing Timing. Coco was doing a funny character, but she would say something like “You look like Pee Wee Herman with your short pants” and then it would cut to Ru almost keeling over laughing while none of us watching were laughing. However when Alaska and Jinx were up there we were actually laughing out loud.

    Again, Coco did great, but the fake editing was DEMANDING that the audience think Coco was hilarious.

    It’s like when they case somebody like Tara Reid in a movie and then demand that the audience think she is smart because they give her glasses.

    The only Broadway/TV actor Comedian on the Panel didn’t have her in the Top Two, but then again, Ru usually seems to have the finalists picked out in her head before the last few weeks. Why else not send either of the bottom two home? Easy, ru wants them in the finals.

  • thebicameralmind

    These recaps are almost better than the show itself – dessert that outshines the main course. As always, this week’s installation was beautifully written, hilarious, and downright clever.

    I felt the same way about Alyssa Edwards this week – she’s f***ing nuts! The only reason she’s been growing on me over the past few episodes is because she’s so oblivious and crazy.

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