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RuPaul’s new TV project will be a reboot of a 1980s quiz show for CBS

RuPaul Charles
RuPaul (Photo: CBS/Twitter)

RuPaul Charles has been chosen to front a reboot of the old quiz show Lingo for CBS.

The original show premiered in 1987 and was fronted by Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael Reagan.

Game Show Network also ran a rebooted show from 2002-07, with Chuck Woolery as host, and again in 2011, with Bill Engvall.

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The original format was a cross between a word game and bingo. In fact, its resurrection may be linked to the surge in popularity of the online game, Wordle, to which it bears a slight resemblance.

In both games, players have to guess the identity of a five-letter word. In Lingo, two teams play against one another and are given the first letter as a clue (unlike Wordle).

In the UK, a reboot of Lingo on ITV was launched last year and has proved popular in a daytime slot.

Deadline says RuPaul will serve as host and exec produce.

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“We’re all ready to have fun again, and Lingo is the answer,” said Charles in a press statement.

“We give you a letter, and you guess the rest,” said Mitch Graham, SVP Alternative Programming at CBS. “The word-game craze is sweeping the nation, and Lingo will deliver a fast-paced, fun and addictive show for the whole family. RuPaul’s flair and sharp wit, coupled with the ability for viewers to play along at home, make this a timely show with wide appeal that we’re excited to join our network lineup.”

RuPaul previously appeared on CBS as a judge of the short-lived talent show, The World’s Best. He also hosted Logo’s Gay for Play Game Show Starring RuPaul from 2016-2017. He’s enjoyed far greater success with his own RuPaul’s Drag Race, for which he has won 11 Emmys.

There’s no word yet on when the new Lingo will premiere.