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  • Riker

    I wonder if this will be a guest appearance or a recurring character? Hathaway is a very talented actress and seasoned for her age. Hopefully she brings something new and refreshing to the show.

  • David

    We hear over and over (and over) that mainstream audiences will not accept gay actors playing straight roles.

    If this is true then I think Anne Hathaway and Ryan Murphy should be condemned for stealing work from a lesbian actress.

    If Hollywood keeps insisting that gay people can’t play straight, then we should start insisting that straight people can’t play gay.

    I expected better from Ryan Murphy

  • Red Meat

    @David: lol no.

  • David

    I’m serious.

    These actors and producers keep coming up with ever more extravagant excuses why gay actors should remain closeted.

    I have no idea if they are lying or telling the truth.

    Either way if an openly gay actor will not even be considered for a straight role, then the likes of Hathaway and Murphy are colluding with homophobia by casting straight actors in gay roles.

  • Kevin

    Glee already has one of the more well-known lesbian actresses in its cast, playing a straight (if only rarely sexual) role. Neil Patrick Harris plays a straight (and constantly sexual) character on How I Met Your Mother. When they say that gay actors shouldn’t come out, I believe they are referring to actors who are aiming for the role of “romantic lead.” Society cares very little about the real-world sexuality of the actress who plays someone’s aunt on a comedy show. Let me just put it this way: if Portia deRossi had been angling for this role, she’d have gotten it too.

  • Colin

    I just don’t get why it had to be Kurt’s gay aunt. You know, straight people have gay relatives, too.

  • scott ny'er

    @Colin: Actually, that’s a good point. It could’ve been any of those glee member’s relatives.

    Btw, why are those cheerleaders ALWAYS in those outfits? Do they have practice every time before and after glee practice. So stupid.

  • Viral

    @scott ny’er: The Cheerios would always be in uniform because their coach is Sue-effing-Sylvester. Of all of her crazy rules and mandates, constantly being in uniform wouldn’t be that strange of one.

    As for the gay kid getting the gay relative over one of the straight ones, I think it’s more to widen his net of support this season. Kurt felt alone and ostracized for being the only out kid in his high, met Blaine and felt some sense of kinship as far as school life went. At home, between his dad, Finn and Finn’s mother (what the hell is her name again? they only say is like twice a season… Carol?) he’s still pretty much the odd man out, despite how much they may all love and support him. So insert probably glamorous-out-proud-and most importantly HAPPY gay relative and boom, Glee has it’s own in-show it gets better video.

  • Lollipop

    Umm, why the hate? Somewhere I read, not so long ago, that Anne wanted this role because of hear gay brother. She’s not a homophobe.

  • Riker

    Glee has already had a gay actor playing straight. The actor who portrayed Jesse last season is openly gay, and he played a love interest for the female lead.

  • jason

    I want to know why that jerk Ryan Murphy is taking so long to give Kurt a boyfriend. Didn’t he say at the beginning of last year that Kurt was going to get one? Ryan, you’re an idiot and possibly not entirely honest with us.

  • Shkn-N-Stird

    Wasn’t the idea of having introduce the gay aunt in Glee Anne’s idea?

    She actually pitched it to Ryan Murphy and discussed it with him. Why shouldn’t Ms. Anne Hathaway get the role? It was her idea.

  • Tim W

    Jason if you have been keeping up with what is being said this will start to happen on the Feb 6 episode where Blaine admits he has feelings for Kurt. And we already know Kurt has feelings for him from the show where he admitted it to Mr. Schuster

  • SometimesElla

    @Shkn-N-Stird: This is correct.

  • Cam

    I think the most obvious “Keep it in the closet” fail on Glee is the non existence of Rachel’s two dads.

    These are two fathers that supposedly worship their daughter, to the point of setting up a little singing studio, giving her music lessons from the time of birth etc… She has even said that they are overly involved in her life…and yet…

    Funny how when her Chior coach was annoyed at her and pulled her solos, or when the singers from the other school all threw eggs at her out in the parking lot etc… we NEVER saw them. Parents like that would have been at the school in a second.

    We’ve seen everybody else’s parents so where are the two that are supposedly so involved in their daughter? You’re telling me they’ve NEVER even shown up to a performance??? Give me a break.

  • Timothy

    Ryan Murphy Hands Lesbian Role To Straight Actress Anne Hathaway… and straight role to lesbian Jane Lynch who just won a Golden Globe for her performance.

  • Hugh

    The role was actually Anne Hathaway’s idea. She approached with this idea for this character that she would play and he liked it. I think she’ll be sublime…as always! xx

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