Sally Kern Faces Ballot Fight

Sally Kern’s about to get some competition – in a good way.

Fifty-nine year old social worker Ron Marlett announced this week that he’ll run against the anti-gay politico in Oklahoma’s next election. While he’s been mulling running for a while, Marlett says Kern’s anti-gay audio spurred him to civil action:

I’ve just been concerned for some time about the damage done by extremes. I abhor hatred. I abhor hatred of people, of groups. I think everyone is worthy of respect.

I do not believe people have the right to incite violence with their free speech. Free speech can be provocative and it can be considered hateful by some. We have to treat people with dignity and respect.

Marlett’s definitely got our vote! Or, he would if we lived in that district.

Kern (pictured, as we imagine her) remains unconcerned, telling her local NBC affiliate that she’s in it to win it: “That’s the political process so I have no problem. I’ll do what needs to be done and the people will decide. That’s the process.” Let’s hope it processes her out.