GOP Debate

Santorum’s Presidential Plan: Turn Hispanics Against Gays

GOP laughingstock Rick Santorum spoke from the toilet drain of history in last night’s Republican debate, where he unveiled his grand plan on how Republicans can win the votes of Hispanic citizen: appeal to their sense of “family, faith, and marriage”—code for “get them to hate on fags.”

While Santorum didn’t specifically say he wanted to turn Latinos against gays, he did say that the Hispanic community knows that their religious freedoms and traditional values of marriage and family are being run  roughshod over by the courts and legislature. But you don’t need Rosetta Stone to translate that bit of rhetoric.

Thank Gob the clown has no actual chance of winning. Seriously, do we want a POTUS who throws a hissy fit over an SNL skit featuring him in a gay bar?

We think not.


Video via CNN. Images via Gage Skidmore, NBC

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  • Cam

    Santorum’s problem with doing this is the same problem that the Mormons have had…and what they DIDN’T have with blacks.

    It was easy for the Mormons to keep blacks out of the church and institutionalize racism because there really weren’t any black Mormons.

    Trying to keep gays out is tougher because there are many gay kids growing up Mormon. This is Santorum’s problem. He can go after gays and say what he wants, but there are lots of Hispanic families with gay kids. The community may not embrace them wholeheartedly now, but eventually more and more will come out, more famous people like Ricky Martin will come out and people will see Santorum’s pandering to bigotry for what it is.

  • Jose

    I’m gay and hispanic. Actually most hispanics I know are publicly fine with gay rights, if anything its behind close doors that they disagree.

    So I’m sure that he will sway the very religious but in my family in general church is a thing you do 3 times a year, and thats for those of us that aren’t atheist.

    Rick S***** needs to drop and give a reasonable person a chance to run.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Myself, I think Rick Santorum, like our current leader, makes for an adequate senator but a lousy commander-in-chief. But to suggest that “Faith, family and marriage” is code for “get them to hate on fags” is as ignorant a statement as when a straight person makes a blanket statement like, “All homosexuals use feces and children in their sexual exploits.”

  • doug105

    A reasonable person in the GOP? my what big dreams you have.

  • delurker

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Hmmm. Even when you criticize a Republican (with very tepid criticism, at that), you still have to get in a dig at the president when it has nothing to do with the topic at had. But you are neither republican nor conservative. Right. Carry on.

  • stoopid louie

    So let me get this right. It’s OK for us to hate straight people, but not OK for straights to hate us, is that it? Gay = Good, Straight = Bad? OK, got it. Now I can be an official Queerty member.

  • Hyhybt

    @stoopid louie: Where on this page do you see anyone hating straight people? In general, that is; specific straight people, such as Santorum, are another matter.

  • Cam

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: said…

    “But to suggest that “Faith, family and marriage” is code for “get them to hate on fags” is as ignorant a statement as when a straight person makes a blanket statement like, “All homosexuals use feces and children in their sexual exploits.””
    Really? Thats funny, because when I googled “Santorum, Faith, Family and Marraige I was taken to a website that said the following.

    “”When activist judges took it upon themselves to redefine marriage, and with it the underpinnings of the traditional American family and our First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion, Rick spearheaded the debate in favor of Federal Marriage Amendment in 2004. Rick successfully fought even members of his own Party and had the amendment brought to the Senate floor for public debate in two successive Congresses. Even though he knew he would be labeled a bigot or worse by members of the liberal elite, Rick Santorum understood this issue was far too important to the future of our society not to be debated before the American public.””

    So once again, you don’t debate the actual posting, you again try to divert it to pretend that all republicans are victims being attacked by anybody that ever says anything about them. Seriously, try debating the issue and giving the “boo hoo all conservatives are victims” line a rest.

  • Jim Hlavac

    Rick Santorum wants to outlaw us and incarcerate us — he’s quite clear on that — thus, anything he says furthers his nefarious and unworkable plan — but even he realizes he can’t quite say it on national TV openly or the whole thing come crashing down. So he speaks in code indeed. And the entire “protect family” concept is nothing but “eliminate gay folks” — for they never speak of divorce or adultery, lest Newt, right their on stage with Rick, glowers in righteous indignation.

  • Hyhybt

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: It’s called dog whistling. When *he* mentions faith, he’s reminding his side to put their religious beliefs ahead of the principles that allow our system of government to function. When he says “family,” his side knows it means their definition of family: straight couples, preferably with children, and they know it’s specifically set in opposition to other families. And, similarly, when he says “marriage,” he and they know he means “straight-only-marriage-which-must-be-defended-at-all-costs-from-those-nasty-perverts-who-just-want-to-ruin-all-that-is-good-and-decent-in-the-world.

    It’s not a hard translation to make accurately, nor is it even remotely new.

  • greg

    It worked in California for passing Prop 8!

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    His wording was simply what someone in his position would say to appeal to their base, it wasn’t hate speech. Lordy, such conspiracy chatter about this. If your lefty brains take what he said as hate speech, man, you’ve got a rough road ahead of you. (and remind me not to ever use the words “marriage” or “family” or “faith” in your presence, lest you interpret it as a hate crime)

    @Cam: I’ve tried responding to you rationally, Cam, but you don’t reciprocate. You’re always angry, accusatory and confrontational, so I’ll take a pass.

  • Dave

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: If you actually believe what you wrote, you’re too damn stupid to warrant paying attention to. If you don’t believe it, replace “stupid” with “cynical” with the same result. You don’t have to be conservative or liberal to understand Santorum’s motive–you just need some common fucking sense.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Dave: I normally wouldn’t respond to someone who’s so obviously angry and quick to throw insults around, but I’m bored. What, exactly, do you perceive his motive to be? A call to arms to all his churchy buddies to wage holy war against the homosexuals and rid the world of them? Or was he more likely saying, Churchy buddies, stick with me and I’ll keep things just the way you like them—i.e., conservative.

  • tallest

    Conservative just equals “hateful with a little baby Jesus sprinkled on top so the masses can stomach it a little easier.”

  • perdeep

    The conservative plan is ALWAYS to divide minorities (which most of the high-powered ones hate equally, hold no illusions about it) and turn them against each other in the hopes that they won’t unite against their REAL enemy, the conservatives themselves. They got Black men and White women to fight amongst themselves during debates about whether either group should be given the right to vote. They pitch racialised communities and LGBT communities and non-Christian religious minorities against each other all the time. Disabled people, poor people, under-educated people–in the end, we’re all pawns for the rich ones in power to stay in power. The sooner we realise it and stop the in-fighting, the better for us and the worse for those Republicans.

  • Dave

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: I’m gonna be charitable and go with “unforgivably naive” as opposed to “stupid”. Either way, your Reality Repellent seems almost as effective as Santorum’s–and ol’ Ricky remains is 100% convinced that gay baiting is one of the keys to his political success. Unfortunately for Ricky, it’s possible to be conservative without defending worthless, mousy, bigoted pricks–which is why a significant number of conservatives wouldn’t piss on Santorum if he was on fire.

    As for being angry and whatnot: You’re the moron who wore a Yankees getup to Fenway. Stop fucking whining about the results.

  • James UK

    Aren’t Republicans the biggest threat to Latino children?
    I’m thinking Alabama and Arizona.

  • ewe

    His nose would feel so good in my ass.


    When is this shithead going end his fruitless (somewhat of a pun) obsession with the Gays???? His “man on dog” comments woke up the voters in Pennsylvania to realize what a complete lunatic nutbag they had elected and he was defeated by 17 POINTS…..

    The only good thing to come out of his insane quest for the repugnatican nomination is that it has cemented the oh so very just rewards when one inputs his name into the googles search engine………Just a big ole’ frothy mess

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Daaaaave . . . Davey . . . Daviiiiid . . . Davester . . . call me a stickler, but did you answer my question, or did you just respond with name-calling and vitriol? I’d comment on what a typical response that is from a die-hard Lefty, but that in itself would be typical.

  • Kurt

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: If I may…By itself, calling for “family, faith and marriage” is an inoffensive thing. I’m for all three of those things.

    But when a politican like Santorum calls for them as a way of winning the votes of Hispanic-Americans for the Republican Party, its very clear that he is suggesting FFM in a way that the GOP understands it and the Democrats don’t.

    Having said that, I am confident a Democratic Party that continues to advocate for economic justice and human rights for all will continue to win the votes of Hispanic-American. However, give the rich white gay funders too much of a leash to the point where economic justice goes to the background and Democrats will start to loose Hispanic American votes.

  • Dave

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Thuuuuuug…..Thuggy…Thugster….What’s typical is for a douchebag like you to assume that anyone who challenges your ignorance is a “die-hard Lefty”. You act as if I have some sort of obligation to answer your ridiculously ignorant question–a question framed in a way that makes your own bigoted bias is as clear as the sun in the sky. You try to tell us in no uncertain terms that Santorum’s language is innocent; you don’t bother to drag in a word like “perceive” until you try to cast doubt on those who know better.

    Some people don’t deserve to be spoken to rationally; when you defend hate speech couched in cowardly politically-correct terms from the likes of Santorum, and when you actually make an effort to discredit such a bigot’s detractors, you stand alongside the Westboro Baptist idiots as a great example of someone with whom it would be a waste of time to lay out a rational argument. Go fuck yourself, you presumptuous piece of shit.

  • willy

    When Santorum use the phrase family,faith, marriage he is simple saying if he is elected he will put things back to the way they were. That means the return of DADT, and the end of marriage rights for gays. Anyone who doesn’t see and understand this is either plain dumb or is just unwilling to see Santorum for what he really and truly is. Any gay person who thinks that Santorum as their best interest at heart is like the many African Americans who thought/thinks that segregation was good for Black people. What would you suggest (Politically Incorrect Thug) wait until this fools hate speech is much more plain and without code then we can attack him on it. By then it will be too damn late for anyone.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Dave: Hmmm. You claim to be the rational one, and yet you refer to me as “douchebag,” “ignorant” and “bigot,” and then ended your comment with, “Go fuck yourself, you presumptuous piece of shit.” One might perceive from such rantings that you have somewhat of an anger problem, Davey. Or, that you’re a typical Lefty who’s mad at the world because the eeeeevil Republicans won’t give! me! what! I! want! Whatever the case, I think it’s obvious who’s rational and who’s likely to join the Wall Street flea-baggers.

  • Michael

    Smh Honestly if any of these people have gay friends then either those friends are self loathing or self hating or they should be ashamed of themselves period.I would never support people like this much less respect then.If you can’t see me as a human being and treat me with the dignity and respect that every human being deserves then the hell with you.

    Hell I have friends that have similar but not as extreme views on homosexuality or gay marriage as Santorum and his vile ilk have.Suffice it to say…. I barely talk to these friends to begin with.I may respect their rights to their beliefs… but that does not mean I have to respect their differing opinion or perspective on it.Agree to disagree as they say and if they push or shove it down my throat like so many others have attempted…. well suffice it to say it will not be a good outcome… for them.

  • Max

    1) No one’s eroding your religious freedom.
    2) Traditional values are changing because they need to be changed. Many traditions change and evolve over time. Only idiots think otherwise…

  • Dave

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: You haven’t even _found_ my buttons, let alone figured out how to push them–but your outsized estimation of your own intelligence is mightily amusing.

    When I call you a presumptuous piece of shit, it’s really nothing special; that’s just what I say to all presumptuous pieces of shit.


  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Dave: Oh, jeez, sorry, my apologies, I wasn’t aware you were intellectually superior to the rest of us, I forgot my place in the food chain was well below the Daves of the world, and I shall humbly retreat to my cave in the presense of such greatness as yourself. Lowly me, I thought diverse opinions were something to be valued, but you and your superior liberal intellect have shown me the light. I guess now all I need to be a perfect lefty is a raging anger problem and a ton of white guilt.

  • Little Kiwi

    Politically Incorrect Thug – you voted for McCain/Palin in the last presidential election. That alone proves that you’re intellectually inferior to pretty much everyone that comments on these boards.

    I’m sorry that your parents won’t accept you unless you vote along with them and support anti-gay Republican candidates, and make racist comments against Black people. That’s gotta suck. you have my pity.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Michael: “White Guilt” is what white conservatives say to liberals who are white who have empathy and understanding for those of different walks of life.

    its’ something that white conservative racists say to excuse their own racism. rather than admitting that PIT ,his family, and his ilk are racist, they instead pretend that all white people have anti-Non-White biases and that those who don’t (liberals) suffer from “White Guilt”

    it’s a defense tactic employed ONLY by racist white conservatives.
    to them, any white person who isn’t racist is suffering from “white guilt”

    ten bucks says PIT’s family really misses the Good Old Days of segregation.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Thanks for clarifying.Have a nice day.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @Michael: Hi Michael. “White guilt,” aka “liberal guilt” is a common term for elitist liberals who feel they have to bow down to anyone who isn’t a heterosexual white male because of past indiscretions made by said heterosexual white males. Examples include affirmative action, lifelong welfare, Indian reservations, immigration amnesty (for non-white folks, of course), redistricting, bussing—anything that society does to elevate someone who cannot elevate themselves is done out of compassion, true, but also out of guilt. Those who suffer from this syndrome are usually elitist, meaning they’ll talk your ear off about how liberal you should be, and then go hide in their mansions in their all-white neighborhood which is protected by a security force to keep all the scary minorities out. Other examples are the celebrity millionaires who visit the OWS protests, encouraging them to overthrow millionaires. Huh-what? Does this make sense? Logically, no, it does not, but in the mind of someone who suffers from white guilt, it not only makes sense, it makes them feel superior to anyone who doesn’t act the same.

    Of course, Michael, this is just my personal opinion and perception, which I’m sure differs greatly from Kiwi’s (I didn’t read it, but can only assume what kind of nastiness he/she is still spewing to those who disagree with him/her).

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