Ellen Andersen Can't Resist Venting

Savage’s Nazi Comments Draw Lesbian’s Ire

Michael Savage sure pissed off Ellen Andersen when he used to his radio show to compare lesbians to Nazi henchmen. Anderson – whose father spent time in a concentration camp – uses this impassioned, yet guilt-ridden post to protest Savage’s deplorable comparison.

I recognize that Savage is being hateful to score ratings points and that the more I react to him the more he’s “won.” But at the same time, Savage’s reflexive invocation of Nazis and the Holocaust is dangerous.

Savage’s diatribe about Nazis and the Holocaust is all about: it’s verbal porn that dehumanizes its subjects–both the “lesbians” and the “oven stuffers”–for the voyeuristic pleasure of his audience.

The scariest part: about 7 million Americans voluntarily watch Savage’s show.