What makes a person tick? What makes a gay man bottom? Researchers from the University of Toronto Mississauga say they may have found the answer.

In a groundbreaking study published by the online journal PLOS ONE, researchers claim they’ve unearthed specific biological markers that can indicate gay men’s preferred sexual positions.

The study’s 598 participants were recruited either on Facebook or at the 2015 Toronto Pride festival. According to the scientists, self-identifying bottoms more often than not had older brothers, were “non-right handed” (a.k.a. left handed), and/or didn’t conform to gender stereotypes as kids.

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Researchers also claim that men who demonstrated more “masculine” personality traits were more likely to be tops, while those with more “feminine” often identified as bottoms:

Self-identified tops rated themselves as more masculine compared to bottoms, and tops were more likely to score higher on male-typical cognitive styles, while bottoms were higher on female-typical cognitive styles.

And this could be linked to the amount of prenatal testosterone they received in utero:

In males, female-typical gender expression and same-sex attraction are thought to result from a relative lack of prenatal testosterone exposure, resulting in female-typical brain development and, thus, female-typical behavior and sexual partner preference (i.e., a preference for men).

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One of the study’s authors explained: “These findings suggest that the developmental processes underlying handedness act in a nonlinear fashion to influence male same-sex sexual orientation and childhood gender nonconformity.”

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