Scorned Ex-Lover Claims Kerry Rhodes Is Totally Gay, Totally A Top

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 6.02.35 PMLet this be a lesson to celebrities everywhere: If you have a secret gay relationship with someone who uses “Hollywood” as a middle name, they will tell the world about your sex life.

Russell “Hollywood” Simpson, former assistant to NFL star Kerry Rhodes, started living his 15 minutes of fame when photos suggesting a potential gay relationship with Rhodes surfaced online. After hearing Rhodes dismiss the rumors in a timely statement to TMZ, the scorned lover gave Bossip an exclusive interview about their allegedly public relationship, the lavish gifts he received, and all the steamy details of their “very passionate” sex life.

Judging by the explicit details he’s offering, we’re guessing his 15 minutes will turn into 15 months. Or a $15,000 hush settlement.

On the couple’s openness:

“I was like his wife. I ran the household and took care of all his personal needs. If anyone needed anything from Kerry they came to me! That’s what Kerry loved about me. I didn’t take no shit from nobody. Kerry is kinda a dumb athlete, like a dumb jock. So, I took care of things that he didn’t understand. And yes, his teammates did know about me. It was kinda unspoken but I was at all his training camps and events. The other wives knew and loved me too. I was always there. It was no secret!”

On bottoming for Kerry Rhodes:

“It was great! It was very passionate because we were so in love. Of course he was the top! I’m not doing all that damn work! But, we were extremely close. It was very good and he put it on me!”

If Terry is gay, it could be the monumental step forward athletic teams have been looking for. Unfortunately, public denial isn’t the best way to set an example for others. Shame, shame.

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  • Flare

    “If Terry is gay, it could be the monumental step forward…Unfortunately, public denial isn’t the best way to set an example…Shame, shame”

    Glad to know Queerty supports the outing of people (who aren’t public bigots or Republicans), if the guy isn’t lying. “yaaaay”.

    Waiting for guys to come out on their own with comfort is too lofty an idea, because in being gay, a man then owes the greater public something.

  • Dionte

    Russell Russell Russell.

  • Caleb in SC

    I will be one thing for Hollywood, he confirms what I’ve always said: Bottoms are bottoms because they are lazy.

  • Caleb in SC


  • niles

    Even if this disgruntled person’s claims are true, being the top is not considered
    being gay in some cultures.

  • ChuckGG

    @Caleb in SC: Well, when exactly am I supposed to find time to file my nails? Being a bottom is the only way!

  • Scribe38

    The only thing that this proves is that Hollywood is a world class a-/hole. There is no way that he could have actually cared for the ballplayer and pull this type of Sh&*T! You don’t actively go after people you use to date this way. You got dumped or let go, and instead of taking it like a man, you became a angry little girl and yell so everyone would listen. This is the dude(barely a man) who gave up the pictures! He has a stupid reality show coming up. This is the true meaning of the word QUEEN, not being fem but, outing dudes who don’t want to kick it with you any longer. Years ago I played with a priest, found out quite by accident what he really did for a living. When it ended, by him, I took it like a damn man. I didn’t run crying trying to ruin the dudes life. This little bitch had no reason to out this player. There shouldn’t be an top in the world willing to screw this little punk until he makes amends.

  • LadyL

    Okay, it’s out there.
    Now, is Terry going to man up (seeing as he is a top, after all) and acknowledge? Or is he going to insist everyone ignore the elephant in the room as his dignity and self-respect take (another) dive, and the friends and foes in his orbit are again encouraged by his denials to conclude that, yes indeed, being gay (being Black and gay? being Black and a pro athlete and gay?) must truly be the Worst Thing Ever?
    I may be alone in this, but I’m not going to hate on Russell too much. I’m not interested in debating whether or not he should have talked and what his motives were. It can’t be easy to be the lover of a closeted celebrity, no matter the financial perks and general fabulousness of a celebrity life.
    On the one hand you are in his life, you exist, your relationship exists, and everyone “knows” it.
    On the other hand you’re invisible (“It was kinda unspoken…”) because unlike all the wives you can’t ever really talk about who you are and what you mean to him and what he means to you. If you love him, if you really love each other, how weird and painful is that, that it can never really be discussed? And because it’s understood that you have to remain silent, everyone else gets to define who you are and who he is, and what your relationship means.
    I don’t care how lavish the gifts are. If you have an ounce of self-respect, at some point you’re going to start to resent living a shadow life, and the tension that creates will start to poison the love.
    Maybe that’s what happened here. And how incredibly sad for both of them.

  • Phrozenthunda

    @LadyL: agrees 100%

  • LadyL

    @LadyL: Ugghhhh! Meant “Kerry” not “Terr”–clumsy fingers.

  • Avenger

    Kerry should sue this guy for slander.

  • Scribe38

    @LadyL: Not trying to be mean or anything, but please go on any black media gossip site or goggle this Hollywood. With a little checking you will see his reality show promo. On it he talks about all the things his secret lover has given him and how well he is taken care of. I think he used the ball player because he is a piece of crap, and sought out fame of his own when he saw the opportunity. You don’t repay being taking care of with going public and talking about someone sticking his stuff inside of you. The only Kerry did wrong was trust the wrong guy.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Let us not forget, regardless of love and all that jazz, just who was PAYING for the first class hotels, airfares, cars, premium gasoline and such. What I find VERY interesting in this article is how he states that HE was running the show because his “lover” was a dummy. At that point I knew this little vindictive twit got kicked out on “her” ass and will go to any extent to get even.
    I honestly don’t blame him for NOT coming out. If I had to choose between multi-million dollar paydays from football and endorsement deals I too would shut the fuck up and disavow anything a broke, dime-a-dozen bubble butt bottom said. Regardless of how many people KNOW/KNEW what the real deal was between them, all in all, it was none of their business who creampied whom.

  • Scribe38

    @LadyL: This dude was not a HUSBAND but a jump-off, a side piece. There is no reason to put him on the same level as another players’ wife. To be more accurate he was a groupie or the help who got to sleep with the boss. Do you care for the countless, side pieces of every other NFL baller? Kerry didn’t but a ring on this no body for good reason. Maybe if this HOLLYWOOD was a real man and a good person, Kerry would have came out for him and took their relationship public. Kerry recognized trash and threw it out… He just did it too damn late.



  • SMH

    Are people really listening or just running with the bullshit?

    Firstly, as a woman I appreciate the warning in regards to downlow males in the black community. I do not condone downlow activity however; I believe this Russell boy is malicious and should not be supported in any way shape or form.

    I am overly sick and tired of coming across articles and men “spilling tea”, alluding that there aren’t any fully straight or upstanding males in the black community –articles alluding that my and or most (black) men are bisexual creeping with men behind women’s backs; just as I am overly sick and tired of coming across articles alluding that black men only want white or light-skinned women.

    There may be a little truth to this flamer’s story but I question his integrity as I find his testimony to be extremely conflicting, tacky and distasteful. His words and actions prove that this blackmail of Kerry Rhodes was calculated and that he also is a vindictive opportunist all about himself.

    Before helping him to tarnish and degrade Kerry Rhodes’ image at least try to dissect and analyse some of his messy bubble-gum yap. Here we go:

    The potential reality show producer, out of nowhere, wanted to know if he & Kerry were in a relationship?! Really? Why?? According to the storyteller Russell, he WAS employed as an ASSISTANT which required him to be present & perform assistant duties. As I watched and listened, I see him doing his job. Yes, photos say many words such as that he and Kerry most likely had a friendly and fun BUSINESS relationship (which the flamer clearly has abused) –hence Mike denied any other sort of “relationship”!

    It cannot just be me that at the 08 seconds of the reality video Kerry looks as though he is unaware of the filming or what it was for. I smell a setup. Extortion.
    The flamer Russell also used the word “unspoken” and confirmed that no one knew what was going on between him and Kerry; therefore concludes that Kerry did not claim him as a boyfriend or partner –he was his assistant.

    The flamer clearly had plans to play and use Kerry as some kind of come-up! He said they broke up on mutual terms because the reality show was somewhat alluding to a relationship between the two of them… what does that tell you?

    Kerry, all of the sudden after this alleged mutual split is asked about his sexuality in which he spoke HIS truth (“bringing a gun to a knife fight”), he’s not gay. Did anyone ask a specific question about flamer? Kerry denied being gay, I don’t see how that was bringing a gun to a knife fight. Suddenly following that, suspect pictures appear on the web along with this reality pilot featuring only flamer Russell who is boasting about being fabulous, how everyone loves him, everyone is talking about him, he would be a reality TV star, he’s doing interviews and admits that he will be seizing every opportunity.

    Russell stated that he is doing this to protect women –for what if he said Kerry wasn’t “messing” with women… and there are no children involved?! Spare me, spare us all –he wants to be famously known and for people to know about whatever he and Kerry allegedly had. He is the instigator behind the pictures and this entire Kerry Rhodes scandal!

    If everything was so mutual (good) because I haven’t heard anything negative or at all from Kerry, and Russell is very much aware of how being gay can hurt Kerry’s reputation/career as he elaborated, what is the REAL problem this flamer has?!
    If Kerry is gay it’s HIS business –Russell should not be trying to expose and $$capitalize off of it (planned)!

    Kerry, do not PAY him NOTHING besides no mind but do get someone to “handle” him immediately.

  • Charles175

    @Scribe38: I watched your video. He’s nothing but a super self centred high priced ho. He is riding on his youth and when time takes it’s toll, he will be all alone. Scarlet O’Hara on Gone with the Wind was similar in many respects but she did at least have SOME degree of integrity this obnoxious clown does not have. May he live to a ripe old age. In retrospect, I feel sorry for the football player.

  • Dresden

    The most unfortunate part of all of this is that what this guy’s sexual preference is, even matters. If homosexuality wasn’t still looked down upon as something ugly or evil by so many, this guy wouldn’t be able to even attempt to take advantage of it for his own nefarious gain. Very sad.

  • iBLOW

    I heard the interview and the guy is SO wrong, he said the reason that Kerry said that he wasn’t gay after the photos surfaced was because he’s a free agent and doesn’t want to jepodrize his chances of getting on a new team, plus he said that Kerry asked him to keep quiet on it so nobody would talk about it. Hollywood is a messed up guy. At this point with all the press it’s getting if Kerry is gay he should just come out, because this is getting too big for him to not say something about.

  • viveutvivas

    This is not “outing”. This is an ex who may have been treated badly and talked about it. Why can ex-girlfriends do this and not ex-boyfriends?

  • CM79

    Denials won’t work at this point. There are other pictures of these two together that are way more damning than what Queerty put up. Kerry is about as “straight” as a winding road. Oh well. Maybe Kerry can begin a new career as a sportscaster.

  • Bee Gaga

    @Scribe38: First off calm down! Secondly your misogyny is showing “take it like a man….anry lttle girl”? Really and you call him a queen in a disparaging way, well clearly you’re the queen and a higly misogynistic not so bright one! Taking it “like a man” is having someone that you loved and apparently love you try and make it seem like you were nothing to him which he did in his statement trying to say he’s not gay and stuff like that if you went out with a priest who claimed to be straight and disparage non-believers and homosexuals which majority of them do in their “holy” words then that’s not “taking it like a man”, that’s taking it like a fool!

  • Bee Gaga

    The pictures are kinda damning him holding ms. hollywood like a damsel in distress, another one where they are on the same floaty and kerry is behind ms. hollywood, one where krry is kissing ms. hollywood (granted its on the head), etc. In the pictures they do look like a cute happy couple not really friends so if he’s gay then you should come out. And for all the people talking about ms. hollywood shut the hell up if this was a football player who use to date someone like rihanna and then he said he didn’t and then she came out and spilled the tea on their relationship would we be talking about how horrible she was? Hell to the no, we’d be talking about how/why would he lie about that relationship.

  • Hansolo

    The Cat is out of the bag with Kerry. I hope he comes out of the closet because we need a masculine dude to come out especially if his black cause blacks are pretty much invisible part of the gay community unless you are like miss Hollywood and or Earvin J the 3rd. We need brothers like Kerry to step out and man up and take the abuse just like Jackie Robinson did because its going to happen whether he is black or white.

  • viveutvivas

    @Hansolo, you talk like a homophobe. We don’t need a “masculine” guy to come out, and we certainly don’t need this piece of crap coward who denies a relationship to lie about his orientation for profit to “come out” and be praised by everyone for it. The fact that he is gay is out there already, and it does not help the cause of gay people. It hurts us, given his character as a coward and a liar.

  • Hansolo

    @viveutvivas: Sorry for putting labels….I would love to see a feminine dude come out too but lets be real here….I played football in high school and college and none of my feminine gay friends played in college but some did play in high school. I am not saying they cant but they just don’t sem to like sports like I do. You sound like you can’t stand masculine men. What wrong with being masculine and gay?

  • jamesbarnette

    So they’re in love but the bottom is trying his hardest to destroy him by outing him?

  • Scribe38

    @Bee Gaga: The dude was a jump-off pure and simple. People break up with other people all the time! Hollywood is just trying to make a buck off of another person. A real man takes care of his own. I real man can support himself. A real man does not kiss and tell, does not run to the media trying to force someone out of the closet. Hollywood did not love Kerry, because no one who has ever been in love would pull something like this. Hollywood wanted his own fame, and Kerry pulled away because he was going to be outed by Hollywood’s fame whoring ways. Kerry owes the punk nothing. Hollywood’s show is going to fail. He will be without a job, without a man, and back in whatever backwards speaking town his butt came from.

  • Scribe38

    @Bee Gaga: you said,”And for all the people talking about ms. hollywood shut the hell up if this was a football player who use to date someone like rihanna and then he said he didn’t and then she came out and spilled the tea on their relationship would we be talking about how horrible she was? Hell to the no, we’d be talking about how/why would he lie about that relationship.”

    Actually no, I wouldn’t give a blank if it was another other star and a opposite sex partner. I think Kris Humphries, should shut up and leave K.K. alone. I think Eminem was an a-hole for talking and singing about Mariah Carey, just as Rodman was writing about Madonna. DON’T KISS AND TELL. IF YOU GET LAID SHUT THE F UP ABOUT IT. Because it only makes you look like the small bitter person you are, when you “spill the tea”.

    b.t.w. WHy can you call the punk “Ms. Hollywood” but I can’t call him “little girl”.

  • jwrappaport

    @Caleb in SC: Bottoms are lazy – just like trauma surgeons and Navy SEALS. jaja

  • Caleb in SC

    @jwrappaport: When I was in the Navy, I dated a SEAL. Best sex ever! And he wasn’t bad either.

  • jwrappaport

    @Caleb in SC: My friend, you stood on the threshold of sensual delights of which most mortal men dare not dream. My hat is off.

  • Will L

    I think we are all in agreement that Hollywood is scum. I just hope that Kerry Rhodes has a good adviser. This revelation could make him or break him depending on his next moves. He needs good PR right now. Nobody deserves to have this thrown at him.

  • tardis

    This Hollywood character should be “Douche of the Week.”

  • remyfacade

    This is why a lot of guys who are in the style of sports, rappers, hell even business men stay away from queens. They talk to much. I understand why dl men exist

  • GayTampaCowboy

    There’s alot of “blame” to go around here. Simpson KNEW from the outset that he was entering into an LTR with a CLOSETED GAY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE! Kerry knew he was entering into an LTR with an “OUT” gay man – and all the professional, personal risks that came with that – including what might happen when they broke up (and HOW they broke up). And to that point, i wish we heard more about HOW they came to break up. I checked other links to this story and the details of the breakup seem to be conveniently missing. Why is that important? Well, as in any relationship, WHY a couple breaks up often drives the “drama/or lack there of” that follows. I’m guessing ONE of them cheated. Hell hath no fury like a woman/homo scorned.

    I’m guessing that Simpson is making these statements to HURT Kerry like he was hurt. I’m not saying it’s right, but, for ANY of us who’s LTR was ripped apart due to cheating, can put themselves in Simpson’s shoes.

    All that said, the cow has left the barn, now we have to see who says what next!

  • BikerPup

    I agree. I am over people who live close to celebs in any way that go public with private info from either a close personal or business relationship. That is such bullshit.
    This punk needs to be banned from all gay and sports venues, period.

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