scott-livelyScott Lively, professional homo hater, is basking in his success in making life dangerous for the LGBT communities in Uganda and Russia. He’s met with less success in the U.S., and in a new interview, the Johnny Appleseed of homophobia suggests that one of the problems is that the president “may as well be a homosexual,” and perhaps even out and out gay.

Lively’s twisted logic arose from a remark the interviewer made about Obama’s opposition to the Ugandan antigay legislation that Lively helped father.  “I think Obama may as well be a homosexual himself. He is certainly a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100 per cent invested in the homosexual agenda.”

Uncertain of Lively’s bizarre terminology, the interviewer, Inigo Gilmore, sought to clarify it: “So you think Obama is a homosexual?” Lively’s reply: “I think he may be.”

The source for Lively’s belief is an article in World Net Daily, which is a right-wing stew of paranoia, mindless speculation and sheer lunacy. Lively also accused the president of essentially conspiring to promote pedophilia. “Anyone who is trying to break down the protections for the natural family and legitimize sexual perversion is complicit in the recruitment of children,” Lively said.


Lively is probably the only person who is simultaneously candidate for governor (in Massachusetts, of all places) and a defendant charged with crimes against humanity. Not hard to tell which of those two roles he most often personifies.

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