WATCH: A Gay Parent’s Touching Open Letter To The Supreme Court

Jack Montgomery, a father of three from Washington, D.C., wrote an open letter to Justice Anthony Scalia and his fellow Supremes regarding Scalia’s speculation as to the potential “deleterious” effects of kids having same-sex parents.

Montgomery and his husband Kelly Vielmo adopted three siblings from D.C.’s foster are system and in his letter Montgomery describes how they have beautifully enriched each others lives. He also urges the SCOTUS to consider what deleterious effects their decision will have on his children and children of same-sex parents throughout the country:

I am not naive enough to think that any verdict of your court will change the opinions or hearts of the individuals we encounter on a daily basis.  I accept that the stares our family receives walking down the street on a daily basis elicits both judgment and inspiration.  What I do not accept is that the United States of America is willing to devalue my childrens’ family more than others and have a separate grouping of laws and benefits.  I pray that as you rule on these cases that you keep Cardel (6), Raine (4), and Ravyn (3) in your hearts and do all in your power to keep deleterious obstacles from their lives.

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  • Dionte

    What a wonderful couple.

  • bobydkd

    Cool couple, a neat family, a moving letter and video. Too bad Scalia has a heart of
    stone, one that can’t be rolled away (trying to be seasonally appropriate).

  • TinoTurner

    Looks like a happy family to me. If I ever win the lotto or marry well, I’m doing what these guys did. You can go to foster/adoption websites and look at these beautiful childrens photos and read their stories…heartbreaking and I’m sure these two are learning more about themselves through these babies then they ever thought possible.

  • Sohobod

    I like it but the background music was far too intrusive and slightly ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. But it was a nice story.


    What a wonderful family. I don’t understand why any logical person would be against couples adopting children who would more than likely grow up in foster care. Gay adoption is actually helping society by giving children loving homes.

  • TinoTurner

    @Sohobod: I hope you get diarrhea tonight really, really bad….you dumb jaded queer.

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