Will SCRUFF Be The Only App To Be Trans-Inclusive?

scruffIn the works for six months, the latest version of SCRUFF 4 has over 100 new features including video, and in a first for social apps, a transgender community profile option and search.

Among the other new features is the option to unsend messages, even if they were sent months ago; keeping notes on and organizing your favorite guys; and a convenient travel mode.

But what really sets the app apart is the ability for members to identify as transgender, find other trans members around the world, as well as SCRUFF guys looking for a trans partner.

“Community is extremely important to us,” said co-founder Johnny Skandros.  “One year ago, SCRUFF became the first gay app to offer a community for military men and other men in uniform. I’m proud that we are the first app to add a community feature for transgender members.”

A quick perusal of the feature turned up trans members from a few miles to a few thousand miles away, meaning that a market certainly exists. With the social app market getting more and more crowded everyday, who will follow in SCRUFF’s inclusionary path?

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  • Spencer

    PlanetRomeo has always allowed transgender members, including on their app. They have a preset filter for search by orientation that includes searching for transgender profiles. It’s been part of the app since they brought it out last year.

  • Fitz

    I am honestly not trying to be hateful. I love my Trans brothers and Sisters. And their fight is my fight. When it comes to cruising apps– there really ought to be a filtering option because 1)a lot of gay men do not want to have sex with transmen. Sorry, but it’s true. 2) In rural areas, I actually worry that a GPS derived tracking device for a transman could be dangerous when (not if) it falls into the wrong hands.

  • ted72

    @Fitz: I totally agree with the first part about the filter. I definitely don’t want to date a trans in any way whatsoever. As for the danger, well, a trans will just have to take that chance. There’s going to be crappy people out to get you and you just got to continue living. We, too, are in danger as well.

  • Windhover

    Having a trans app does not force you to have sex with trans men. Or do you feel compelled to have sex with everyone on Scruff? If so, I admire your energy.

  • Fitz

    Windhover– it’s sexual turn off for me to have t sort. There is technology that can fix this. And for people who like playing with Cisfolk, it would be better too. When I’m cruising, I like to cruise. I like to think about men. I can barely muster the brain cells to make sure I am still thinking about things like health & safety. By the time you add that doubt of me having to figure out if someone has a penis or not, the energy shifts. I wish there was a way to talk about this that was not hurtful. While I have only one FtM friend, I welcome these guys into my life. Just not into my bed.

  • TinoTurner

    @Fitz: I like men, real man. Just because you get hormones or have a surgery does not actually change your gender. Call me hateful, call me what you will…but if it were as simple as what people are kidding themselves into, then sex change surgery would be available at any hospital and not just in Bulgaria. I just wish people would consider more mental health treatment in lieu of mutilating yourself.

  • TVC 15

    @Fitz: Wait, first you say that you want to have a filtering option so you don’t accidentally stumble upon a trans man, but in your second post you say it’s a chore to use one. So, which one is it? BTW, you can filter out the transgender guys by not checking it in the “Community” filter. I use filters because I have an age range I feel comfortable with, and I also prefer the men to be single. Filters are easy to use on Scruff.

  • Dixie Rect

    Another reason I’m glad I deleted scruff from my mobile. The T’s should have their own app.

  • Zack

    Im sure there will be a filter on there relax people!! Some people like trans and some dont. But geez do we have to be hateful about it?

  • vklortho

    @TinoTurner: Transition is the recommended treatment for gender dysphoria and SRS is performed at many locations in North America(I just found out recently that U of M will do SRS.). Trust me, if I could have just visited some ex-trans reparative therapy quack to cure me and I thought it would have succeeded then I would have, because that would have been a lot easier in a lot of ways.

    Also, what place is it of your’s to refer to what an adult has willingly done their own body in order to fix a problem as mutilation?

  • Fitz

    I thought over this post, and you know.. it’s very simple.
    I like Growlr just as much, and I have had fun with it- when you are
    at a party that you don’t like, you don’t complain– you leave. So i deleted
    scruff. Don’t really need it, lots of other choices.

  • Jessie R

    I promise you, there are already gay/bi/queer trans guys on every gay hookup app you’re using, so deleting one because they provide a specific category for trans guys is absurd. And a lot of us, for many reasons, choose not to disclose openly on our profiles even when it’s an option to do so. Until and unless going to bed with someone is imminent, it’s not their business what’s in my pants, so I’m not going to broadcast it to every horny dude in my city.

  • Jessie R

    Ha ha, Grindr added a trans tribe, fuck the haters, you aren’t getting rid of us.

  • IDoNotHaveToAgreeWithYou

    @Jessie R: Good. That makes it easier to block insane women. Gay men want a man. Not a vagina.

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