Secaucus Firefighters Accused Of Tormenting Gay Couple Won’t Be Putting Out Blazes Again

Charles Snyder Sr., Charles Snyder Jr. and Charles Mutschler — the three Secaucus firefighters accused of tormenting a gay couple in 2004 by throwing rocks at their home, which led to the city losing a jury trial in 2008 and forking over
$2.84 million in damages and $2 million in legal fees — will not be rehired by the city, the Secaucus Town Council ruled Monday after “heated debate,” which included a galley full of gay activists and supporters. The trio resigned in August 2008 at the height of the allegations; Peter de Vries and Timothy Carter filed a civil suit claiming the firefighters harassed them in their home, which was nearby the firehouse. The move comes after Charles Sr. was promoted this time last year — by a council vote — to be superintendent of the Public Works Department.