Senegalese Amnesty Member Against Gays

Someone’s got a limited view of amnesty. Senegalese activist Samba Guissé of the Council of Amnesty Senegal asked fellow members of Amnesty International to oppose any movements hoping to legalize same-sex relations. …[Guissé urged] various groups to dissociate themselves from the position of the International Human Rights Federation (FIDH) calling on the Senegalese authorities to “review the criminal code with a view to decriminalizing homosexual acts”. He said that rights activists, particularly those belonging to AI Senegal, had no right, even in defense of human rights, to ask Senegal’s core values be ignored.” The statement comes just days after police broke up an anti-gay protest outside a mosque. [Africa News]

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  • leomoore

    So is he saying Senegal’s core values dictate that gay people cannot live in peace without threat of superstitious zealots harming us? What if my societies core values dictate that Senegalese people be rounded up and dumped in a big hole?

  • Lara

    Hi! I’m from Senegal and very sorry for what’s is going on there. However I don’t want to be pessimistic but this situation is not going to change very soon…
    I think that men in Senegal are a little bit lost in their role of man specially whith all these women’s rights groups that are fighting for equality. So for them homosexuality challenges their view on how a man should be: the chief of the family who has many wifes and run after young ladies. Just think that polygamy is allowed in this country!

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